Exscudo’s EON MainNet Launch Promotes Access to Capital Markets

Exscudo, an exchange that allows users to invest their money and cryptocurrencies, has launched its MainNet, EON, on May 14th, 2018. EON is supposedly a flexible new generation blockchain technology that provides all types of users with direct access to capital markets. Based on a statement made by Exscudo, this release will result in a single liquidity center, which include services like stock exchange, trading terminals and the Exscudo Channels application – a mobile wallet and messenger.

The company’s goal is to ensure that all of its users, including those do not hold accounts at any banks, still have ways of accessing capital markets. This is well-reflected in a statement made by Exscudo, in which they view themselves as the “Nextgen financial ecosystem that unites the traditional financial system and cybercurrency market.”

Several advantages have also been pointed out based on EON’s entire system, some of which are believed to include its flexibility and effectiveness, security, consensus (DPoS), the role it plays as a digital asset, proprietary code, low counterparty risk, increased transparency, emphasis placed on decentralization and scalability.

Exscudo has high expectations for what EON has to offer in the months to come. The company strongly believes that many projects will be launched on the EON blockchain, which not only focus on fintech, but also “loyalty programs, ticket purchases and ecosystems around the registries.” From what has been published on their main website, blockchain projects may include private, public and open blockchain.

EON is apparently implemented in several regions including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Estonia, Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia with more geographic expansions to come. Exscudo stated that its goal is not only to achieve geographic coverage, but also to ensure that they have created opportunities to entire new markets as well.

For a follow-up on the EON MainNet launch, check out: eontechnology.org/

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