There’s always net blockchain startups appearing on the internet. It’s pretty hard to keep track of all of them, so our blog’s mission is to review for you the best options for investment so you can use your cryptocurrency in a smart way.

Today, we are going to review ExsulCoin, a blockchain company devoted to offering solutions for helping refugees.

What Is ExsulCoin?

ExsulCoin is a company that is going to launch a new kind of cryptocurrency, XUL, that can be used to help refugees. Their plan is to use the money raised from the ICO to build a network to help the people who need the most.

People can use ExsulCoin, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, to help refugee-led projects. The main goal of this company is to empower refugees through their financial inclusion inside the system. The users of the platform can use their abilities to help refugees in tasks and be rewarded with tokens for this.

Every rating and action will be in the blockchain, so it’ll be easy to escape from scammers, as everything is public and open. This way, a safe space for refugees can be founded.

How Does ExsulCoin Work?

With the money raised from the ICO, the company plans to develop their structure to reach more people in need. Also, there will be apps and services created to help refugees.

How To Invest In ExsulCoin?

It’s very easy to invest in this project. ExsulCoin is having an ICO soon, so everything you have to do to invest in this company is to buy their tokens, that can later be used in their service. 5% of the total tokens will be sold in the pre-sale and 50% of them will be sold later. The initial token sale is going to begin on November 15 and the ICO is going to begin in December.

You can buy 1000 XUL tokens with 1 ETH.

ExsulCoin Verdict

ExsulCoin is an investment for people interested in philanthropy. If you want to help refugees, this could be a very good investment for you, but if what you are after is profit, then there are several other options that might pay you more. Because of this, be aware that this is not a very commercial investment, but a philanthropic one.

The company looks solid and trustworthy enough, even if not entirely lucrative from a financial point of view. You can trust them to deliver on their part of the services that are promised by the company.

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