Extrabit ICO (EXB Token) Review: Worthy Cryptocurrency Mining Coin?

The crypto mining venture has proven less profitable for some investors and cloud mining companies due to lack of mining facilities, professional experts and access to electricity. Since there is growing interest in cryptocurrencies world over, investors are looking for cloud mining companies that will prove to be worth their while. Extrabit is one such company.

Who Is Extrabit?

Extrabit refers to a mining platform that prides itself on being profitable due to its ownership of a mining facility, access to free electricity and elite crypto experts who help crypto investors get the most out of their investments. The company which is registered in England and Wales strived to access free electricity for their cloud mining activities to cut on costs and improve on profitability. The free electricity was negotiated with the local supplier with their access extended till the year 2023. The free electricity offer came as a result of providing the blockchain technology to the local supplier and its partners.

Extrabit Benefits

The crypto mining platform prides itself on offering three main benefits to investors.

  • Cost Efficient Crypto Mining- Extrabit aims at being among the top most profitable crypto mining platform as they take advantage of the free electricity access and cheap maintenance costs.
  • Impressive Return on Investment– Holders of EXB tokens will receive quarterly payments for their tokens in Ethereum.
  • High Token Distribution- EXB tokens will be available to the public at a high of 95% of all tokens during Extrabit’s ICO period with only 5% available for distribution to developers and for bonus payments.

How Extrabit Worthy Cryptocurrency Mining Coin Works

Extrabit provides a sample model for Return on Investments calculation. The ROI calculator indicates the assumed return using an annual projected token profit which is based on a re-investment strategy of 20%. The ROI is dependent on the market conditions and the current mining difficulty. Token profits are cashed out every quarter in Ethereum. Extrabit provides wallets and the wallet apps will be availed for download after the completion of the ICO period. However, the sample model should not be used as a basis for investment in tokens as it is not a solicitation to buy.

Extrabit EXB Token ICO Detials

Companies raise funds to launch new projects and develop mining infrastructure by running ICOs. Extrabit is no exception. The platform seeks funds to help it develop their new project called the Decentralized Mining Platform.

To participate in the Extrabit ICO, one has to register on the platform’s ICO portal and choose the tokens to buy based on the ICO calender. For token purchase, the platform accepts ETH, BTC and several other altcoins.

Upon purchase of tokens, your ICO portal account is immediately credited with the tokens which you can withdraw to your MyEtherWallet as it is an ERC20 standard token or to the EXB Wallet apps. You can buy, sell or exchange tokens at the top cryptocurrency exchanges after the end of the ICO period.

Extrabit Conclusion

Extrabit claims to be the future of crypto mining, and with their referral program, investors are likely to reap the benefits.

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