ExtraLovers platform is a blockchain based advertising platform specially made for the erotic industry.

What Is ExtraLovers?

ExtraLovers is the very first adult only anonymous and private advertising platform that has been developed in the adult service industry. The platform takes the necessary steps to ensure they guarantee authentic and verified users their privacy is protected. The platform has been able to combine the features that are able to improve the user experience without any of those pesky and common problems which most users tend to face on a daily.

The platform has been designed as an advertising platform for escort service, where you are able to meet a new individual, either male or female for a fabulous time. You are able to advertise your striptease services to allow other individuals to enjoy private entertainment. Plus, erotic massage is advertised on this platform, to ensure you relax and just enjoy the erotic massage session.

ExtraLovers ELT Token ICO Details

Perimeters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: ELT
  • Token Sale Date: 06/01/18 – 08/10/18
  • Token Price: .70 USD
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC & ETH
  • Total Supply: 30,000,000
  • Token Standard: Ethereum
  • Soft Cap: 1,000,000
  • Hard Cap: 10,725,000

Token Distribution

  • Crowd sale – 50%
  • Pre-sale – 15%
  • Affiliate – 12%
  • Advisor – 9%
  • ExtraLovers – 6%
  • Bounty – 3%
  • Airdrop – 3%
  • Primary investors – 2%

Problems ExtraLovers Seeks To Solve & ExtraLovers Solutions

There Are Unethical Practices In The Industry

The industry has not been able to provide adequate privacy to their users as personal and also intimate information about an individual has been made freely available to all. The information that is provided could be unreliable, that is people using fake information just to protect their anonymity. Or just individuals in potential danger as their counterfeit clients don’t have the noble intentions.

This is where ExtraLovers comes in as it is the platform for the future. The company is able to eliminate these problems thanks to the compulsory registration and also identification process. And the good news is you are still able to maintain full anonymity on the platform

There Is Risky Payment

Most service providers in this industry face the uncertainty of being paid for the service they provide, or simply the chances of fraud are much higher especially being paid with fake currency. Also, the risk of running into fake clients are also so high as people tend to make counterfeit reservations.

But with this platform, there is a foolproof system that has been put in place. The platform has been designed in a way it can make these issues impossible to arise; it is thanks to the smart contracts. Together with the escrow system for payments and also pre-book orders with the cryptocurrency will significantly help reduce the risk of non-payment.

Some Platforms Are A Complicated User Interface

Some of the platforms on the internet are time consuming, that is the order management systems that have been made are overly complicated, it is both for the service providers and the clients. Additionally, this platform tends to make it difficult to find the perfect service provider.

The ExtraLovers platform is a little different when it comes to this as it uses an automatic order management system. The system is able to save you time by utilizing the machine learning in finding effective ways to assist the client.

ExtraLovers Conclusion

The ExtraLovers platform has brought good solutions to problems the erotic industry has been facing for a while. Thanks to the technology they have put in place they are surely reinventing the erotic advertising industry drastically.

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