When you are looking for the best investments, you know that you can’t handle everything by yourself. Without the help of programs and sites, it would be almost impossible to find the right investments unless you are an expert. You need tools if you want to get really good results.

Our blog, for instance, is a very good tool for you to use, but you also need other ones like trading sites. Because of this, we review these sites to help our readers become better investors. Today, our subject is a trading site’s application: EXX App.

What Is EXX?

EXX App is the online platform of EXX Group Limited, based in Hong Kong and Australia, and it consists of a type of platform for investors that can be used online or as an app on your smartphone, so you can be close to your investments all the time. The platform is still new, it was released in 2017, but it already has its share of users.

The company intends to offer its users a trustworthy platform for investments in which they can have the attention of the support all the time and use a robust technology to ensure that their transactions are 100% secure and that the service will be fast and simple.

How Does EXX Work?

EXX enables its users to invest in the cryptocurrency market with safety and low transactions fees. The company only charges 0.1% as a transaction fee and have support 24/7 so the users can invest at the time they want without never having doubts.

The EXX App can be downloaded for iPhone and Android, but be sure to use the newest version of its operating systems or you might face technical issues. In the app, you can basically access all of the functions that you can in the browser version of EXX.

The company even lets third party developers use its API to build applications, clients and features that can aid the users to use the app more efficiently.

How To Invest Using EXX?

First, you have to register on the platform. Registration is pretty straightforward and you only need a phone number or a valid email to use the company’s platform. After you have already registered, you can use the site or the app to invest.

Trading using the company is very simple and aided by a simple interface. You can look for markets in which you can buy or sell a currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat currency to exchange for altcoins. Each market page also gives you detailed information and charts about the trends in investing in a certain type of cryptocurrencies.

You can have 10 sub-accounts in one EXX account. This way, you can invest and segregate your funds to organize yourself better while investing.

The EXX Verdict

Is this the right platform for you? Maybe. EXX definitely offers a good service. The company has a pretty solid system and promises a secure way to invest, so apparently, there is nothing to worry about.

This company is especially good if you are Chinese or Korean, as it has support for these languages in their system, so you will not have to use the platform in English and it could be easier for you to fully understand how it works.

If you liked the platform, feel free to use it, as we deem that this can be a good investment platform for our users. It looks secure, has low transaction fees and full support that you might need while you use it.

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