EyGex ICO Review

Wondering What Prompted the Genesis of EyGex?

Over the recent past, the impact of the new MOBA market’s rapid growth in the entire gaming industry has meant that it is indeed the way to go. In 2014, League of Legends would register 27 million active users daily and an estimated 67 million active users each month.

MOBA market of today has over 100 million monthly users, a factor that undoubtedly underscores MOBAs as a vital aspect of the eSports industry that boasts millions upon millions of viewers. In fact, League of Legends commands a massive 66% of the market and a further $1.7 billion and DOTA 2, second with 14% of the market and about $300 million in revenues.

Evidently, the Whole MOBA Market is Poised For Greater Heights!

Both games are ‘free to play,’ with each having its own source of revenue. Well, most of the League of Legends’ revenues are obtained from the purchase of skins and champions alongside influence points and Riot Points, which are purchased with fiat. DOTA 2 makes money when it sells in-game items like hats, keys, skins and vanity courier among other stuff.

What is EyGex?

It is a budding community-backed, ‘free to play’ MOBA game powered by EyGex tokens – game’s in-game currency. EyGex will give alternative games, most notably League of Legends and Dota 2, a better growth curve. The game isn’t out just yet, but it will primarily use its development team and community support to attract new players.

There will be 14 million EyGex tokens, used to purchase rankings, badges, skins as well as characters. Their value will rise due to the limited nature of these coins and demand growing as the popularity of the game rises. All funds collected at the crowdsale will be channeled back to the game’s development!

Is it a Great Investment Opportunity or Another Scam Project?

On paper, the whole idea behind EyGex and the tokens are great. Gamers will most certainly love the game, and the price of tokens will shoot with time, perhaps in the next 5, 10 or 20 years. But we can’t escape answering whether EyGex is really a nice choice of investment.

Pundits say its Whitepaper is practically a Buzzword salad filled with vague promises. It lacks SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, financial model, institutional studies, wallet design, and more. And all that means you might believe the paper, not the practicality of the game, which might, unfortunately, fail to take off!

Perhaps you are questioning why this review of EyGen is pessimistic for no reason. Had EyGex project released a beta version to help test the industry, maybe the tone of this report might have changed. To date, it doesn’t even have an ICO code repository on GitHub for public scrutiny.

About the tokens, which blockchain technology was based on in their creation? Sure, everything is duly written and correctly presented as captured on the website (https://eygex.com/). Also, the whole project has lots of missing parts. But from which blockchain is the project based?

Finally, Who is Behind the EyGex Project?

Typically, such an “earthshaking” project is backed by a team of expertise and experience with social presence. But on top of having no proof of success, EyGen has a solitary developer whose skills or background is unknown. My final words, therefore, are, if you are genuinely interested in EyGen, go thee and invest what you can afford to lose!

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