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EZ Bitcoin Matrix, found online at EZBitcoinMatrix.com, is a bitcoin investment opportunity that promises big payouts with no work or risk required. Find out if it’s legit or a scam today.

What Is EZ Bitcoin Matrix?

EZ Bitcoin Matrix is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to pay you easy money. In fact, the creator of the scheme claims that you can start with $0.50 and turn it into $6,000.

Calling EZ Bitcoin Matrix an “investment” is a bit of a stretch. The company has some type of commission matrix, multilevel marketing scheme, or Ponzi scheme. You buy positions in a 2×5 matrix, then convince friends and family to participate in the scam and pay a membership fee.

The matrix launches on October 5.

EZ Bitcoin Matrix Features

Overall, the EZ Bitcoin Matrix website features virtually no information about the platform. Here are some of the core features of the platform, however:

  • $0.50 positions
  • 2×5 matrix (unique straight line cycler)
  • Banner and text ads
  • Earn over $1,000 on certain positions

How Does EZ Bitcoin Matrix Work?

You purchase membership in EZ Bitcoin Matrix. You buy spots in a matrix, then fill those spots by referring others to the platform.

If you fill enough spots, the company will pay you $6,000 “over and over”. There are no products or services being sold here: it’s just a membership-based pyramid scheme.

You can promote your membership even further by paying for advertisements through the platform. Members get paid down 5 tiers. It’s not totally clear how much commission you make for members, but EZ Bitcoin Matrix claims they’ll pay you $500 to $1,000 for certain referrals.

Like all pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, you can expect EZ Bitcoin Matrix to continue operating until members stop joining, at which point it will shut down, and the top levels of the pyramid will disappear with everyone’s profits.

Although EZ Bitcoin Matrix claims to offer instant withdrawals to all members with no restrictions, we can’t find any evidence that EZ Bitcoin Matrix has ever paid anyone. Typically, these schemes only pay out for a few days before halting payouts and shutting down the scheme.

Who’s Behind EZ Bitcoin Matrix?

One of the easiest ways to spot a bitcoin scam is when someone refuses to disclose their identity, but still asks you to send them money online. The official EZ Bitcoin Matrix website has no information about who’s running the scam, or where the company is based. The terms and conditions, however, mention “CashPoolPro”, which seems like a similar cycler investment scheme.

The website claims to have been active since 2016. However, WHOIS data reveals that the EZBitcoinMatrix.com domain was only registered on July 4, 2017.

There’s only one listed admin in the EZ Bitcoin Matrix Facebook group. That man is named Peter Borel. Borel appears to be a self-employed man living in Gothenburg, Sweden. His Facebook posts have promoted a number of bitcoin investment schemes over the past few months, including Crypto24x7. He’s also been hinting at the launch of EZBitcoinMatrix throughout the summer – so based on all of this information, Borel appears to be the one running the EZ Bitcoin Matrix scheme.

EZ Bitcoin Matrix Conclusion

EZ Bitcoin Matrix is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to pay you $6,000 over and over again. The company has no product or service being sold. It’s just a membership-based pyramid scheme. It consists of a 2×5 cycler and 5 tiers of earnings potential.

Overall, EZ Bitcoin Matrix is expected to run like most bitcoin pyramid schemes: it will run for a few days or weeks, and it may even pay out, but it will eventually shut down when the founder decides to disappear with all the money, leaving all but the top few levels of the pyramid at a loss.

To learn more about EZ Bitcoin Matrix, visit online today at EZBitcoinMatrix.com.

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