With the increased number of centralized social media platforms, they have been able to earn billions of revenue just from the content that is uploaded by their users. And all they offer the users are just social validation. Private and sensitive information has been used to power the advertising target engines, and all this has been recorded in servers that are very vulnerable to the hackers strolling the internet and also government surveillance.

The current content creators that we have around are subject to some censorship, restrictions and also demonetization systems that will narrow the individual’s creativity plus there earning potential.

As a result, the current centralized digital marketplaces for the cryptocurrencies and even the physical products have subjected the various users to high fees, counterparty risk, some identity verification restrictions and they massively real on the third party.

This is where the Ezira platform comes into play, as it can share the needed information and value freely. It is the distributed social media and business platform that you should get to know about.

What Is Ezira?

Ezira has been designed to be an unstoppable social media, one that will allow its users to post any content without any censorship restrictions. It is a permissionless digital business, where it can raise the needed capital and engage the global customer base.

The platform will also offer its various users with a per to per product marketplace. That simply means you will be able to buy or even sell any of the products or services without experiencing any restrictions and no transaction fees. It is a decentralize crypto asset exchange where you would be able to freely create and trade your crypto asset without having any chain orders.

The platform has been designed around a thriving digital community, so you will be able to create and also join any globe-spanning boards for any group or subject. The platform is giving you complete freedom when interacting or transacting with other users.

EziraCoin ICO Details

The company has said it will distribute about 10% of its crypto equity to the millions of current crypto coin holders, a venture that is truly confident with the strategies they have put in place. So why not get yourself the EziraCoin from their ICO and be part of this community.

The EziraCoin is usually mined in blocks at a rate of about 10,000,000 every year, which is then issued to the net contributors. The Ezira crypto equity is able to earn a dividend of about 20% of the coins that have been mined, and this has a fixed supply of 10,000,000.

If you are looking to earn from this platform, the network revenue is earned through various ways either the membership subscription, exchange fees, promoted posts on the platform, marketplace escrow fees, and the premium content fees.

Ezira Social Media Cryptocurrency Rewards Conclusion

The company has designed a circular crypto economy, to ensure every user on the platform gets a return for whichever transaction they do. Also, the platform has been developed in a manner where every user can share information and also value freely. For sure this is the next unstoppable social media platform, and the best thing about it is they have incorporated cryptocurrency rewards, where you are able to earn from your posts without experiencing any censorship.

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