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As the interest of the world in Bitcoin only gets bigger, David Marcus, the boss of Facebook Messenger, is currently joining the directive board of Coinbase, a Bitcoin start-up. Marcus has a long career in business and already served as the president of another famous company, PayPal.

This move might be a big win for Coinbase, which is a platform for storing, trading and buying digital currency like Bitcoin. The company has already been in a good time lately, having the most popular app in Apple's US App Store at this moment

Coinbase announced that David Marcus was joining its board of directors on Tuesday. This is not surprising, as Marcus already had experience in PayPal before joining Facebook. Marcus states that he was already keeping a close eye on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2012 and that he was very excited about the possibilities that could appear by joining Coinbase.

On his statement, Marcus affirmed that he was convinced that the company was working on something that could change the lives of many people around the world and that he would help Coinbase to make this vision a reality.

What The CEO Had To Say

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, stated that he was “pleased” to have the new member in the company. Armstrong seems excited to have this new member onboard the team and said that his experience will add a lot of the Coinbase board and help the leadership of the company to focus on being the best and safest place to buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Explodes In Value And Coinbase Enjoys Its Fame

The appointment of Marcus comes during an explosion in the price of Bitcoin which hit all-time highs of more than $17,000 recently. Coinbase is currently the biggest iPhone app in the US and it has so many users that it is struggling to be online and facing technical issues and downtime in the last few days.

Calling Marcus to its board was a great move for Coinbase, as he will be one of the highest-profile directors in the company and will bring much attention to the already famous company.

Earlier this week, Armstrong asked customers in a blog post to “invest responsibly,” warning them of the risks of “extreme volatility” and the potential for further technical issues.

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