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Facebook’s Blockchain Team Looks for 13 New Members: Managers, Engineers, Researchers Job Openings

According to Facebook’s Careers Site, there are 13 different blockchain-related jobs opened. This shows that there is a real interest for Facebook to develop new blockchain-related solutions. As reported back in 2018, the social media company had 32 individuals working on the blockchain area.

Facebook might be interested in creating a new stablecoin for WhatsApp users in India that would work specifically for remittances. WhatsApp is being used by over 200 million individuals in India, thus, the implications for the crypto market could be very important.

The “Marketplace Payments Blockchain” role that was being offered by the company could be related to its intention to launch the stablecoin in India. There is also another blockchain role opened called “Brand Strategy” and that it would also suggest that the company is pending launch date. You can also see they are looking to get growth product managers, data/software engineers and qualitative/quantitative researchers.

Until now, the company has not been releasing information regarding its blockchain-related projects in the market. Indeed, the plans of the company remain unconfirmed. Thus everything is based on speculation.

There are some roles that appeared back in December 2018 that are still open, suggesting that it is not so easy for the company to find the correct candidates for specific positions. Several positions that were opened during the last month of 2017, where closed around Christmas.

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