What Is Fachain?

Over the years, the blockchain technology has remained in the forefront of various innovations some of which have made the world a better place. For this very reason, The Fachain education blockchain system from Singapore comes in handy to offer educational stakeholders the latest technology in the various educational programs. The platform launching took place in 2016, stands as one of a kind in the blockchain industry thus triggering many expectations not only in Singapore but the world at large.

How Fachain Non-Profit Blockchain Education Foundation Works

Being the very first original educational blockchain with the primary focus on public education, Fachain offers you as a user and investor a chance to be part of this life-changing innovation. Through this, you gain access to various educational systems across the globe and get to compare notes.

The existing blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum doesn’t take matters of education/awareness seriously. Therefore, FACHAIN comes in handy to fill that gap by seeking to meet the requirements of the education sector. Through this, the platform offers multi-registration options with secure encryption in management.

The Fachain system strives to work with other management agencies and policymakers to come up with customized terms of operation that meet top-notch requirements of the decentralized network. The network will be made accessible to governments and other commercial interests.

Additionally, Fachain aims at curbing the rising number of counterfeit products in the educational, sector, hence ensuring all stakeholders gain access to credible resources.

Fachain Benefits

Hierarchical Management

The developing of Fachain is under strict regulations that seek to ensure users get the best out of the platform. By applying the hierarchical management model to award different data access levels to users, the platform aims at bringing together different individuals. Hence, help in achieving better coordination in the formation of educational models.

Tokens And Vote Credit Value

For the first time in the blockchain sector, Fachain introduces the use of “Vote Credit Value.” The data is achieved through the accumulation of token nodes and helps in the management of intermediary mechanisms. If you get this, you get access to some privileges in the deposit model.

Trading Models

Fachain goes out of the way to come up with the most fantastic creativity ever witnessed in the industry. The platform provides its users with multiple trading models to complement the available complex educational activities. Some of the tools new to this platform include; the reward contract model, verify renters trading model, vote credit cash deposit model and the auction bidding model.

Should I Join Fachain?

As much as the platform looks promising, it has a vote accountant feature that is set to lock out some individuals. The innovators claim that the move aims to keep only severe individuals on board by requiring users to make contributions to support the operations of the system. Since the platform is a charitable blockchain platform, there is need to regulate the usage of the nodes to avoid abuse.

Fachain FAC ICO Details

The Fachain ICO is set to start in March. They have their own system token called FAC. The Fachain whitepaper doesn't provide much information regarding their ICO yet. You may have to check back for more details

Fachain Conclusion

Fachain is a blockchain enabled education platform that seeks to address the needs of the educational sector. The platform comes with several additional innovations to the blockchain system such as vote accountant and vote credit to curb misuse of tokens.

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