Factom & FPT Software Form Factom Harmony Blockchain As A Service

Strategic Partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions are blueprints to sustainably develop any economic ecosystem and this trend is catching on in the world of blockchain too. The latest of the big name strategic partnership comes from FPT Software and Factcom.

FPT and Factom are working together to offer Blockchain Technology Platform through Factom Harmony that will deliver solutions to customer’s business needs by allowing space for innovation through workshops. Both the companies are optimistic about the marketability of practical Blockchain solutions.

The new Factom Harmony Blockchain As A Service platform will seek to deliver innovative solutions to Factom’s business patrons like workshops and proofs of concept (PoCs) and give them access to advanced blockchain solutions, while also enhancing FPT’s digital and product engineering services. The strategic partnership will enable FPT employees to train in Factcom technology to assist in the blockchain technology into existing client systems.

The partnership between Factom and FPT is a valuable opportunity to showcase the practical use and applications of blockchain technology on an enterprise scale. FPT and Factom share a vision of the future where blockchain-as-a-service is available to all companies looking to preserve, ensure and validate their data or decisions.

Factom’s technology platform will enable will enable FPT to deliver a superior experience to their customers by delivering cutting-edge, differentiating blockchain solutions. With Factom’s blockchain platform harmony and FPT Services, FPT will enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness for their clients.

Factom specializes in designing and producing faster blockchain applications to handle large data for complex institutions and boasts an incredible organizational clientele of the US Department of Homeland Security and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. FPT is a Vietnam based company that provides informational technology, products and digital engineering services to large businesses in the U.S., Asia and Europe in industries like manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare and communications.

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