What Is Faima?

Faima is a new artificial intelligence that can be used to diagnose different diseases and give the best recommendations for the treatment of the ailment. The data that is collected will be from more than forty million patients and used for the diagnoses of future cases. The goal is to create a system that offers no medical errors in the area of healthcare.

You can get a whitepaper to read on the company website at faima.ai as well as see the roadmap the company is currently planning.

How Faima Friendly AI Medical Assistance Token Works

The coverage of Faima is said to be global and will be used by medical services everywhere. They have developed the common standard that will be used to facilitate health care all over the world where data and results are made through the treatment of patients and they will all be recorded.

Any data that is processed by Artificial intelligence after which time it can be used. The information collected will be usable by any institution around the world and then specialists will be able to give their insights into the company.

There are powerful computer powers run by AI that will be decentralized and distributed across a platform of miners, that in turn will be able to switch their farms to processing centers for data instead of extracting cryptocurrency when the time comes. And thereby they will bring a greater contribution to developing the cryptocurrency world and society as well.

There are also several comfortable usages for all areas of exploitation. They will also provide computer software for medical usage that is said to give the best quality power in diagnosing and treating diseases. There is a mobile software as well as tips given out for the purpose of creating a healthy diet and even how to guides on taking medications.

There is also special equipment for the deep analysis of a patient’s health and it works in conjunction with artificial intelligence. Tokens are used as a reward to train the AI. And a token is a means for making payments within the system that is in turn connected to FAIMA. There is a discount that is valued on a certain level depending on the number of apps the sender makes.

If you want to see a roadmap on how the company will function, then you should check out more information on the company website.

Faima ICO Details

The pre-ICO has started already, you can see the reserve place in the white list. And as of now the pre-ICO token is selling for $0.14 and once the ICO begins it will be $0.4. You can use the system to buy medications as well and they accept BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Who Is Behind Faima?

There is an entire team on the platform, each of them can be seen on the company website. And it looks like they all have social media profiles. Still, they haven’t been completely verified as of yet. But you can learn more about them on the website.

Faima Conclusion

The platform is basically being developed to help improve the medical industry. There is a massive team and it may be a quality company in the future. There is still some time left on the pre-ICO if you want to get in early.

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