There are so many blockchain start-ups appearing every day that it is starting to get extremely complex to decide in which ones you should invest. If you want to find the best offers, you have to search more every day, so it can be very time-consuming to find them these days.

Fortunately, our blog can help you with that. Our goal is to offer a service that can really guide you when you need and inform you about the best investments that you can make right now. Because of this, we publish many reviews about companies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), services, cryptocurrencies and important tools so that you can always obtain the best result with our help.

Today we are going to review an interesting new company called FairTradeCab.

What Is FairTradeCab?

FairTradeCab is a start-up company whose objective is to create a ride share service that will cost as little as possible for its users. By using blockchain technology, the company intends to create a service in which the drivers pay 0% commission to the company and that will lower the price of the rides.

How is that possible? FairTradeCab uses blockchain technology in a smart way so that the company can profit from the exchanges made with its FTC coin by charging an insignificant charge (10 cents) instead of a commission on the driver’s pay.

This way, the company profits from people using its service to transform fiat currency into FTC coins and make transactions and not by the driver’s service at all.

How Does FairTradeCab Work?

First, the passenger has to download the FTC App and register for the service. The process will be simple and the passenger will only have to use its credit card information. The company will automatically exchange the currency from the credit card to FTC coins and it will store in the virtual wallet of the user.

When the ride is finished, 100% of the FTC coins will be transferred to the driver’s wallet. He will choose between keeping the coins, exchanging them to fiat currency or transferring them. The company will gain its profits because of the small fee charged by the transaction.

How To Invest In FairTradeCab?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their FTC tokens during the upcoming sale. There is still not an exact date for the ICO. You will be able to buy a FTC token for 0.15 USD and you will receive discounts if you buy it soon.

You can buy the FTC tokens using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

The FairTradeCab Verdict

Is this a good investment? It really looks like it. FairTradeCab has everything to be a company of great success. While companies like Uber already have a huge success offering services that will be more expensive, this company will probably offer cheaper services and have everything to be very famous.

Independently if you are going to use its service or not (and you probably will), this looks like a solid investment for you, so it could be a great opportunity to get a token that will probably be more expensive in the future cheap now.

You can invest in this company without being afraid. As always, there is some level of risk involved in investing in ICOs, but the risks are very low here, so go for it if you are interested in this company.

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