A recent study indicates that the online gambling industry will surpass the $50 billion mark in 2018. While this does not come as a surprise, the figures could be growing by the year. That means the online gaming industry is one of the leading industries that are benefiting from the rise of internet applications and social media. Despite all these technological advancements our online gaming sites are still notorious for the lack of transparency, with most sites lacking a safe, honest or trustworthy system. Consequently, that means the success of online gambling is at risk. But the lack of an efficient system is fast becoming history thanks to the implementation of blockchain technology to our gaming. Here's a blockchain gambling site that plans to bring back the trust and reputation back to gambling.

What Is Fairgrounds?

Fairgrounds is an Ethereum-based decentralized ecosystem that will have users experience the chance to play fair-chance games on the blockchain. That means the variety of games written on the blockchain will offer an unparalleled level of transparency with all contacts being provable fair. The platform will provide a series of games for the players to place a bet on and win Ether (ETH). Additionally, gaming participants will get the chance to play and get rewarded with the platform's own currency Fairgrounds Rewards Token (FGR). The coin will act as a utility token while also facilitating the aspects of the gambling platform.

Fairgrounds Fair Blockchain Games Features

  • No Accounts- gamers won't need to open an account, deposit funds nor sign up for registration. Only a MetaMask or Mist wallet is essential to start playing
  • Game selection- the platform will provide a suite of fair-based games which offer the chance to bet, play and win Ether. The games will include a lottery, spin the wheel, roulette and a series of files games
  • Payouts- withdrawals won't be a bother since all the games work on an automated immediate payout system powered by blockchain. The instantaneous payouts are also due to the use of self-executing smart contracts that pay the winners.
  • Rewards- all games within Fairgrounds give out the FDG token as an incentive to the players and is redeemable for individual awards or as entry fees for other raffle games.
  • Referrals- players can invite new users and earn free FDG token for each user that successfully joins.
  • Fairness mechanism- utilizing the Ethereum blockchain means that it is an unalterable open ledger viewable to everyone and anyone who might doubt the fairness of the games.

Fairgrounds Benefits

  • Provably fair- All the gaming results undergo verification through the Etherscan to ensure no alteration or interference took place during gaming.
  • No delays- gone are the days of long waits just to receive your winnings or deposits
  • Earning opportunities- Fairgrounds presents a wide range of opportunities for users to gain an extra passive income through the rewards, affiliate programs and winning tokens for exchange.
  • A wide range of games to play- Fairgrounds provides an array of different gambling games.

Fairgrounds Downside

  • There is little information on how they plan to tackle the issue of gambling addicts although it says it will.

Fairgrounds FGD & FGR ICO Details

The ICO for Fairgrounds is now underway and will be live until April 11th. You can invest in FGD tokens using Ethereum.

Should You Get On Board With Fairgrounds?

Fairgrounds is trying to solve one of the most significant issues within the gaming industry. That means Fairgrounds is out to improve the quality of gambling games and platforms in general. Unfortunately, Fairgrounds is not the first of its kind as a blockchain gambling site, so there is some underwriting to not invest in the project. But if you are a high-risk investor seems like a good chance to get on board and access the exciting rewards.


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