FaktorMoney is a bitcoin-based investment scam that promises to pay you 10% daily interest “forever”. Find out how this works today in our FaktorMoney review.

What Is FaktorMoney?

FaktorMoney is a high yield investment program (HYIP) based on bitcoin. The company promises to pay you 5% to 10% interest per day, guaranteed, for the rest of your life.

There’s no hard work, skills, experience, or risk required: you just give the company a bunch of your money, and they’ll magically turn it into more money. The company insists there’s no risk and no limit. You get paid a high daily interest rate forever.

In reality, FaktorMoney seems to function like any other ordinary Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. The company collects deposits from users. Then, it pays users to refer other people to the platform. FaktorMoney has a three tier commission structure (6% / 3% / 1%). People may think the platform is legitimate, when in reality, it’s just one big scam. Even if you see money collect in your account, you’ll never be able to withdraw it.

How Does FaktorMoney.com Work?

FaktorMoney offers three different investment plans. You buy into an investment plan, and that plan pays you a daily interest rate between 5% and 10%. There’s no limit on the contract – you make that daily interest “forever”.

The three “investment packages” include:

Advanced: 5% daily interest forever with an investment of $20 to $4999

Professional: 7% daily interest forever with an investment of $5000 to $19,999

Infinity: 10% daily interest forever with an investment of $20,000 to $60,000

The company claims to pay you “instantly”.

In reality, we can find no information to suggest that FaktorMoney pays its users anything. If you see somebody online who does claim to have been paid by FaktorMoney, it’s almost certain that they want you to sign up through their affiliate link – so you can’t trust anything they say.

How does FaktorMoney make 5% to 10% interest per day? What type of business or lending scheme does FaktorMoney offer? The company never claims to have any type of product or service in place. As far as we can tell, the company exclusively makes money through memberships – there’s no product or service being sold here. That means FaktorMoney is less of a legitimate business and more of a pyramid scheme.

Who’s Behind FaktorMoney?

Typically, scams like FaktorMoney refuse to give out any information about the founding team or management. That’s because these websites are designed to attract users over a few weeks or months, then suddenly disappear from the internet with everybody’s money.

As you might expect, FaktorMoney refuses to tell us anything about itself online. The company lists a fake address in London as its office. That address is real, but we can’t find any evidence showing that the company is based in that location. The company does provide an official email address at [email protected] However, no further information is available about the management team or individuals involved with the project.

WHOIS data tells us that the website was registered in April 2017, although the investment scam was only uploaded to the website on September 9, 2017 – so it’s a totally new scam.

Conclusion: Is FaktorMoney.com a Scam?

FaktorMoney is a scam. It’s not even a good scam. Some bitcoin scams pretend to be legitimate investment opportunities. They advertise products and services and investment packages, for example. FaktorMoney, however, basically demands that you give them money, and then refuses to tell you where that money goes. They just claim that your money will magically earn 5% to 10% interest per day for the rest of your life.

In reality, FaktorMoney is a combination of a HYIP scam, a pyramid scheme, and a multilevel marketing scam. The company will take your money, refuse to let you withdraw it, then disappear from the internet in a few weeks or months once it’s collected enough investment income. If somebody tries to tell you FaktorMoney is a legitimate opportunity, it’s almost certainly because they’re trying to make money through their affiliate link.

Save your money and avoid FaktorMoney at all costs.

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