Fan-Controlled Football League

One of the favoured pastimes of football fans and one of the most common watercooler topics is analyzing football games and critiquing performances, decisions and tactics. Every fervent football fan thinks he knows best. Now there's a chance to put that to test!

FCFL is the first every fan-controlled pro sports league for the digital age, where fans can draft players, hire/fire the coach and call every play in real time. It's not just a fantasy league but an actual football league with real players and a unique ad-hoc indoor stadium.


To illustrate proof-of-concept for a fan-controlled sports league, Project Franchise Team, Inc.(PFTI) began developing a platform in 2015 using traditional application technology to put sports fans in control of on and off field decisions, which entailed rewards for successful decisions.

In February 2017, the first fan-controlled professional sports team, Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, made its debut in a pilot test season on PFTI's platform. The league attracted tens of thousands of fans from over 100 countries and generated widespread media coverage.

Disruption With Blockchain

FCFL brings the concept to the blockchain, where decisions are made and recorded on the league's blockchain platform, which uses the Bancor protocol. This represents a paradigm shift in the way fans consume sports, as they are no longer viewers but are participating in the action themselves and will even be rewarded for their success with a share of the championship purse.

The syncretic new sports league is built by a group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in professional sports, video gaming, fantasy sports, blockchain and mobile technology. Unlike traditional sports leagues, teams and their fans will together compete for a minimum cash prize of $1 million.


FCFL games are a seven-on-seven, one-hour long football game played on a 50-yard field in an indoor studio with a set of rules drafted to encourage fast-paced, wide-open syle of play by reducing penalties and stoppages while eliminating special teams to deliver high-octane action from whistle to whistle.

By combining a sports arena with high-tech production values of a studio, it is tailored to deliver an interactive and immersive sports entertainment experience to fans around the world. Production accessories include drone cams, helmet cams, wearable sensors and in-arena technology to provide fans with a constant stream of data and help them make informed decisions.

The league will begin with 8 teams, two divisions of 4, each team with a roster of 18 players drafted by the fans. A season will consist of a 16 games with two playoff games and a championship game.

FAN Token

All fan activity in the league will rely on FAN token, ERC20-compatible Smart Token that uses the Bancor protocol. From voting on which coach to hire to real-time play calling during the games, the fans are in full control.

Through blockchain technology, the league is able to maintain transparency for all fan-driven decisions and reward allocations. Blockchain will eliminate the question of authenticity of fan votes, ensuring trust in the process.

Each fan's level of control of their team is directly proportional to their ownership of FAN tokens. FAN tokens represent the measure of influence of a fan's voting power. Fans can earn tokens through various ways – watching games, calling plays, viewing content on the league's website, participating in polls etc.

The Team

  • Sohrob Farudi – CEO
  • Grant Cohen – VP of Digital
  • Ray Austin – VP Football Ops
  • Yann Kronberg – Acting CTO
  • Bodgan Sviripa – Full stack & Blockchain developer

ICO Details

  • Platform – ERC20
  • Token price – $ 0.1
  • Accepted currencies – BTC, Fiat
  • Minimum Investment – $500
  • Presale is currently active on Indiegogo/Micro Ventures until January 2, 2018.

FCFL Verdict

We've seen various innovative sports leagues come and go over the years, the likes of XFL most notoriously. What's different about this proposition is it seeks to capitalize on the blockchain buzz.

The proposed model does not see blockchain as a functional ingredient but as a way of tokenizing fan participation. Perceptive fans would also question, given none of the players are actually professionals, is it even accurate to call FCFL a pro sports league?

Nonetheless, the concept has gained some traction already, having reached almost half the projected funding goal.

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