FansCoins ICO (FANS Token)

Your digital footprint, online activity and social media presence contribute to a billion dollar industries. With privacy scandals affecting companies like Facebook, it is time for users to ask for better privacy protection. Not only that, users are entitled to a portion of the income made by their data.

FansCoin is here to help people get exactly what they deserve; Privacy and the right to not get ripped off by corporations.

About FansCoin

Privacy, Company transparency and Data security are the fundamental building blocks of FANS. The millions that the corporations have made belongs to its users and not them. So they are decentralizing Live Streaming App. Employing neural networks and artificial intelligent algorithms, they wish to provide fruitful and safe live streaming all over the world.

FansCoin Features

  • Broadcast: They have a one touch broadcast button which instantly turns you into a VJ, DJ, MC, singer, dancer, actor and artist. You can be a star for the numerous online fans.
  • Explore: You can browse live streams created by users around the world and find someone new you are interested in.
  • Follow: Connect with a broadcaster and catch them when they are broadcasting next.
  • Interact: You can interact with fellow commentators on a live stream or when the stream is over.
  • Virtual Gift: Gifts can be bought for your favourite performer, which they can see in their contribution list.
  • Tags: Broadcasts are easily found with the help of tags.

About The FansCoins ICO (FANS Token)

Their social activity tokens are used throughout the system to facilitate transactions within the decentralized application. FANS focuses on developing a blockchain era bank, which can be the place to store financial services, which corresponds to the current communications of banks. All transactions made on the blockchain can be verified by anyone but the user stays anonymous and their identity is disclosed only if they want.

FANS token will be released in two phases. First one being ICO and whatever funds raised in the ICO will be held for development purposes, office setup, infrastructures, research and development, bounty programs and other pre launch activities. The second phase will be released in public for all users to buy, sell, trade or hold the currency.

FansCoin is developed on the Ethereum on a standard ERC20 token. Total token supply for Pre-sale and ICO is 100 million where 1 fans equals 0.10 USD. The token will be distributed in 4 Rounds.

  • Round 1: A 35% discount is available with 10 million limited token up for sale. Sale in this round will commence from Feb 15-28th.
  • Round 2: A 25% discount is available in this round with 30 million limited tokens. Sale in this phase is available from March 1st to 31st.
  • Round 3: With a limited token of 20 million, this phase has a discount of 15%. The sale is from 1st to 15th April.
  • Round 4: 40 million tokens are available at a discount of 5%. Sale is from 16th April to 30th April.

Out of the 100 million tokens available, 70% is offered for ICO, 8% goes on the development and 22% stays with the foundation team.

FansCoins ICO (FANS Token) Conclusion

A user gets a commission, for what they deserve and above all they take back the power with every connection and every interaction. Decentralizing music industry is a necessity to bring parity in the industry. Their Beta product is already ready, so you can begin your own fanstars career or just be a fan and enjoy stars on the platform.

You can find out more about the company on their website


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