Blockchain is definitely the most revolutionary technology of the century so far, but there are many other technologies that can also be quite interesting: one of them is AR (augmented reality). Faradise is a new company that devised an app that you can use to combine these two technologies and finds the most interesting piece of furniture for your house.

The company was started in Russia and continued to develop its services in North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and then the rest of Europe and Asia. Now, it is starting to enter in the blockchain market.

How Does Faradise Work?

Faradise is an app that was created with the single purpose of helping you to find the perfect piece of furniture for your house. By using augmented reality technology, Faradise is able to see how much space you have available in your room. Now you will not need to keep measuring space anymore because the app will certainly do that for you.

You can use the app to virtually place any and how many furniture pieces you want in your room. The company has partnerships with hundreds of retailers all around the world so you will not have go to their stores or to browse their online shops, you just need to use a single and more convenient app.

How does the blockchain technology enter in all this? Blockchain will be the final step to make the app even more easy to use. As the platform is now in many different countries, the creators have decided that Faradise could use a token to enable the users to pay with it.

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Smart contracts also help the users to make safer purchases of products and, with the help of artificial intelligence, Faradise will gather data and help the users to make more well-informed decisions by helping them to buy the best products.

How To Use Faradise?

Whenever you feel the need to furnish your new apartment or your old home, you just have to download the app on your iPhone (sorry, Android users) and you can use the camera of the phone to see the exact space that you have and find the product that you need.

It’s actually that simple. With the option of using cryptocurrency payments, you do not have to stress about almost anything, you just need to decide what you are going to buy and do it. The app is already available for download the App Store.

The Faradise Token Sale

The Faradise tokens will be used as rewards for loyalty programs and referrals on the platform, but their real main function will be as a currency that you can use within the system. Because of this, the company is planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The sale still does not have a certain date or a price yet. In fact, it was only just announced. For more information, check our blog in the future.

The Faradise Conclusion

If you are furnishing your new or old home, Faradise can definitely be a great choice of app independently on whether you decide to participate in the ICO or not. In fact, it is still quite early to be sure about the ICO, but you can download the program right now if you want to use it.

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