The pharmaceutical industry is vital for the welfare of mankind, but it is also plagued by a wide range of controversies. Two of the biggest threats in this industry are the existence of counterfeit drugs and inaccessibility of medicine for people in under-developed parts of the world.

For years it seemed like these problems would never be overcome. Fortunately, one company has come up with an ambitious plan that may change this.

FarmaTrust – A Ray Of Hope

The World Health Organization reports that counterfeit anti-malaria drugs cause the death of over 120,000 people in Africa every year. The situation is more worrying from a global perspective, and it is set to become worse as more and more unscrupulous dealers cash in on the shameful trade.

FarmaTrust was developed with the main goal of eradicating counterfeit drugs. It has been inspired by the suffering caused by these drugs to individuals and whole communities, and it plans to leverage its vast experience and resources to reach all corners of the world with authentic and effective drugs.

FarmaTrust is also making plans to unveil its very own cryptocurrency that is expected to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. Its proposed crypto will make it easy for people from all over the world to purchase medicine and pay for a wide range of complementary medical services.

FarmaTrust Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drugs Built On Blockchain

FarmaTrust has leveraged the revolutionary blockchain technology to build its platform. Blockchain technology has facilitated advantages and conveniences such as:

Artificial Intelligence

Having started as a simple concept, artificial intelligence has grown to become so sophisticated that it can almost outdo the human brain. FarmaTrust utilizes AI technology to interact with users and analyze data. It refines the platform’s services to ensure that clients get the best of whatever they need and even help them to make the best decisions.

Cross-Platform Interaction

FarmaTrust is like an all-in-one platform that is compatible with any other platform. By doing this, the FarmaTrust platform connects users with other like-minded people from all over the world as long as they are active on any platform on the internet.

Big Data Application

FarmaTrust has a comprehensive inventory of users’ data that it uses to improve its products and services. The data is collected as users go about their everyday activities on the internet and analyzed in detail using AI technology. However, it is important to note that FarmaTrust does not collect sensitive data without users’ awareness.

Backed By The Best In The Industry

FarmaTrust is backed by some of the best minds in the industry, and this is expected to drive even more concrete backing that will ensure its success. One of its most notable team members is Lord Anthony St John of Bletso, an independent member of the House of Lords – he is expected to leverage his position in the UK government and in international politics to transform the pharmaceutical industry. Other notable team members include Raja Sharif, Peter Bryant, and David Allen Cohen.

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