Federal Securities Laws Violated By Aegean Marine (ANW)

Federal Securities Laws Violated By Aegean Marine (ANW)

Yesterday in Boston, June 5th, 2018 – Block & Leviton LLP (www.blockesq.com), a specialty firm in the department of securities litigation's is representing investors across the country in a potential suite against Aegean Marine Patroleum Network, Inc. (“Aegean Marine” of the “Company”) (NYSE:ANW) and specific officers within the company as well as directors for the potential violation of several Federal Securities Laws.

Just a couple days ago on June 4th, Aegean reported that the finding occurred during a review of ANW’s annual revenue and finance statement. The report showed nearly $200 million USD of accounts receivable would not be used for tax write off purposes. The company released a statement declaring the various transactions, connected to different accounts,

“may have been, in full or in part, without economic substance and improperly accounted for.”

Since the review, a team has been complied to audit the company while investigating the unknown transactions. After the release of the news, Aegean Marine’s stocks dropped nearly 70%.

Anyone who purchased any securities of ANW or acquired them in other ways can get their questions answered on personal legal rights. This can be done by contacting attorney John DeFelice at phone number (888) 868 – 2385 or email [email protected], lastly through the company website http://shareholder.law/aegean. Those who have information possibly pertaining to the case and investigation are also encouraged to contact John’s offices as well.

Block & Leviton LLP were previously ranked as the 4th among security litigation firms by ISS for the recoveries made in 2017. The firm apparently works as a representative for some of the countries biggest institutional investors as well as several other investors in the securities litigation across the nation. Their lawyers are known to have recovered billions of dollars of funds for their personal clients.

Again, to contact John with information or for your personal legal rights – reach him at the following:

John DeFelice
(617) 398-5600 phone
155 Federal Street, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02110
[email protected]

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