The global food industry plays a major role in the world’s economy. And lately, it has been going through a tremendous change with an increase in consumer preferences, a sharp rise of online shoppers and an increment in population, the food industry globally continues to grow at a rather steady pace.

The above factors are the major drivers of the food industry. Governments have heavily invested in infrastructure. This has led to major food giants opening up in emerging economies leading to an expansion in the food retail industry of such markets.

Asia-Pacific countries have shown a major rise in the food retail business, for example, China and India. Other countries are also experiencing a growth in the retail food industry with major food outlets taking a modern twist.

On the other hand, the food line of work in Europe, especially, Western Europe, has already been awash with technology. There is a sharp decrease in the food sector in countries such as Denmark, Spain, and Greece.

What Is FeedChain?

Feedchain creates a whole new economy where millions of jobless people all over the world can earn a stable income working from their homes, cooking and selling food from their houses just like a restaurant business.

This would provide a way through which hundreds of consumers all over the world access different meals prepared at home. They will also get to enjoy fresh delicacies made from home. Furthermore, jobless people will also be able to supply freshly picked groceries to consumers. With continued use, FeedChain will be a brand and unique in the blockchain economy.

How FeedChain Home Restaurant Blockchain Platform Works

Feedchain relies on highly innovative technology such as high-speed data, APPS, GPS, and mobile phones together with the Ethereum blockchain to build a decentralized tokenized financial system that is the food industry. In this token financial system, people can use their houses as restaurant businesses, while farmers and fishermen, can use their homes as a market to sell their produce. This will enable millions of jobless people all over the world to work from their homes and make money while at it.

FeedChain Features

  • People make use of their houses to sell. This will save them from running cost of opening a restaurant.
  • Cultural diversities: Means is that people will enjoy different dishes from different cultures.
  • Increased transparency decentralized databases. There is no risk of data manipulation as a result of and open ledger.
  • As a user your information is well protected so safe environment when using feed chain.

FeedChain FEED Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: Feedchain
  • Token Symbol: FEED
  • Token Price: USD 0.05
  • The ICO private sale is scheduled to start on June, 10th 2018.
  • The first investors will enjoy a 100% bonus on private sale
  • Pre-sale is schedules to commence on July,31st 2018.
  • The softcap for pre-sale is 1,680ETH and Total Hardcarp is 46,200 ETH.

Token Distribution

  • 20% = (10+10) – Private sale &Presale
  • 25% – Reserve
  • 35% – Crowdsale
  • 10% – Management and Team members
  • 10% = (5+5)- The advisory board and bounty

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