What Is Feniks?

Feniks.Finance is a blockchain-based financial system created on a new concept. The platform has the capability of increasing its speed and its functionalities as needed. The platform can be used as an international banking system for payment and information transfer.

The first version of the platform will only handle payment and the storage of the user’s funds. These will be the banking transactions that will be labelled in the SWIFT system as MT103 as the payment sent and MT202 as payment received and the crediting of the payment to the account.

The next development phase will be the development of 700 group of SWIFT operations that will be called documentary transactions or letters of credit or guarantees. The introduction of the group of 500 securities will mean that later the platform will have an exchange.

The platform will have decisive technical characteristics to provide a speed of 50,000 transactions per second. This will be necessary if the platform hopes to compete with the current payment and financial systems. It is these characteristics that make this platform revolutionary.

Feniks Blockchain Finance Cryptocurrency Platform Advantages

The platform offers the advantages below:

High Transaction Speeds

The speed of the network exceeds 50,000 transactions in a second. This speed is enough to replace the current competitors such as the VISA payment system among others. It can also be used as an alternative payment network to the SWIFT system.

Low Transaction Fees

The use of blockchain technology eliminates the need for third parties for users to perform financial transactions. This lowers the transaction fees. The fee that users will pay for one transaction is 1 Feniks coin.

Swift On The Blockchain

The platform will be a global blockchain alternative for inter-banking settlements. The system will have the functionality and semantics of SWIFT.

Universal Financial Gateway

Just like other blockchain-based technologies, the Feniks.Finance network is a universal solution. The platform not only facilitates financial flows but it is also a platform for legal solutions, knowledge, network games, and any other area of activity that needs collective participation.

Bank Secrecy

The account owners are the only ones who can access the information about their assets. The platform provides users with a revocable key that allow them to access information on their accounts.

Masternode System

The members of the Feniks.Finance network are the holders of the nodes. For one to hold the nodes, he or she must own a given number of coins, which are then blocked for the nodes lifetime. The node on Feniks.Finance has a certain capacity and operates on the Feniks.Finance software. The network uses the principle of proof of stake mining where the owner of the coins confirms the transactions.

Feniks Token ICO Details

The FENIKS token is a utility token that will be used on the Feniks.Finance network. The total token supply will be 100,000,000,000 tokens and half of these tokens will be available for sale. The token price will be 1 ETH= 1000,000 FENIKS. The network hopes to reach a hard cap of 50,000 ETH and the expected soft cap is 15,000 ETH. The ICO sale date will be announced soon.

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