FiCoin is a blockchain-based investment network that promises to pay you a passive weekly income through a mysterious lending scheme and trading robot. Find out if it’s a legitimate investment opportunity or a scam today in our review.

What Is FiCoin?

FiCoin, found online at, is a cryptocurrency investment scheme that claims to pay a passive weekly income to help you achieve financial freedom.

That “passive weekly income” purportedly comes from the team’s “intelligent trading application.” That trading app makes consistent profits: it never makes a bad trade, which means you earn constant profits in a risk-free way.

Obviously, we’ve seen plenty of scams promise similar things. These scams all work the same way: they make big promises about their “investment opportunity” and “guaranteed daily profits”, but fail to provide any evidence of these profits.

Is FiCoin yet another scam? Or is this a legitimate way to earn constant weekly profits? Let’s find out how the company makes money.

How Does FiCoin Work?

FiCoin, or FIC, is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The primary role of that token is to facilitate the FiCoin lending scheme.

FiCoin loans are arranged through smart contracts. One party inputs FIC into the smart contract, while the other party inputs fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. FiCoin is used as collateral for the loan.

The lending scheme will pay you returns of 1.0% to 1.2% per day, guaranteed. You deposit money into the company, and they lock it up. Here’s how it works:

  • $1 to $1,000: 1.0% per day
  • $1,001 to $10,000: 1.1% per day
  • $10,001 to $50,000: 1.2% per day

FiCoin will pay you these returns for no apparent reason. All you need to do is give the company money, and they’ll magically turn it into more money. It’s unclear who is participating in the lending process, or who is borrowing money through the platform. However, when someone promises to pay you anything close to 1% per day, it’s a sign you’re participating in an investment scheme. Even the world’s best investments and hedge funds don’t play close to that return.

FiCoin also vaguely mentions some trading robot that consistently makes profitable trades. That trading robot never makes a bad trade: investors earn consistent weekly profits through the trading bot. There’s no risk, and you’re guaranteed to earn passive weekly profits.

The trading robot is called FIBO. FIBO claims to already be working on Bittrex and Kraken. The whitepaper describes FIBO as “like the philosopher’s stone” because “everything it touches turns to gold.” That robot is constantly improving and learning over time, so it will continue making more money as it adapts to the market.

FiCoin doesn’t publish any code or technical proof that shows the robot exists. The company also doesn’t publish any proof of the robot’s earnings – so it’s hard to verify the enormous profit promises advertised online.

The FiCoin ICO

The FiCoin ICO began with a pre-sale on December 13. The first round of the ICO begins on December 21, with the second round beginning on January 5.

There’s a total token supply of 14,930,352 FIC. Approximately 10 million of those coins are being distributed through the ICO. The website and whitepaper do not explain where the remaining tokens are being distributed, nor does it explain how the funds will be spent.

Referral bonuses are available throughout the ICO.

Who’s Behind FiCoin?

FiCoin refuses to disclose any information about its team, its location, or its experience. The whitepaper vaguely describes the company as “a group of passionate developers and traders”. Beyond that, however, there’s no information about who’s building the project.

In general, it’s a bad idea to send money to someone online when they refuse to disclose anything about their identity – especially when the company is advertising absurdly high ROIs.

FiCoin Conclusion

FiCoin appears to be a scam. The company’s website and whitepaper are designed slightly better than other scams we’ve seen in recent months. It may seem legitimate at first glance. However, neither the website nor whitepaper have any specific information regarding the project. We don’t know who’s behind the project, nor do we have any proof that its products and services exist. That’s worrying – especially because the company claims to have created a mysterious lending program that pays you 500%+ returns per year, or a trading robot that generates guaranteed profits every week.

Ultimately, there are too many red flags surrounding FiCoin. At this point, there’s no evidence to suggest it’s a legitimate business – and it certainly doesn’t appear to be a smart investment. Nevertheless, you can decide for yourself and learn more about the FiCoin ICO by visiting online today at

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