Ever question how cryptocurrencies can come of use? Not seeing the point of buying different types of tokens? The main goal of cryptocurrencies is to provide consumers with a decentralized system that eliminates excessive fees, dealings with authoritative middle persons, and being able to give back what truly should have been under consumers’ control. This is where Fidelium’s role comes of significant use.

Fidelium has decided to put everything together in a way that makes sense. Simply put, its future goal is to ensure that consumers can use cryptocurrencies in place of fiat money (paper money) as needed, even if it means buying a cup of coffee. The following will analyze Fidelium with respect to its purpose, use of debit card, entirety of its system and future expansions.

What Is Fidelium?

Fidelium plans to create an app-based POS system, embedded debit card, that will allow consumers to make purchases with their tokens as opposed to paper money. It is believed to work just like a standard debit card provided by banks, but instead of dollars, it will take funds from one’s cryptocurrency balances.

How Does Fidelium Cross-Exchange Trading Crypto Platform Work?

The three factors that strengthen the Fidelium Debit Card are believed to be a multi-coin wallet app, liquidity provider and cryptocurrency OTS. Ultimately, these factors are required to prevent possible losses associated with fluctuating markets and coin values, increase security and ensure theft does not occur. Consumers might be confused as to how the Fidelium’s debit card differs from that provided by banks. The single difference is, the bank’s card contains money, whereas Fidelium’s does not.

When making a purchase with the Fidelium Debit Card, a secure API will be created to communicate the information separately with the debit card network on Fidelium’s side. Therefore, transactions will not be complete until the true card holder accepts and follows the procedures of using API. This is more likely to prevent theft, as an additional step must be taken on the separate app to process the money, whereas bank cards nowadays only require a single tap.

What Does Fidelium Have In Store For The Future?

Based on the claims made, Fidelium plans to develop a system that allows consumers to use cryptocurrencies to trade stocks and options. This goal will shed light on the different uses of cryptocurrency and might eliminate any doubt one might have with respect to its trustworthiness. Second, there are plans involving raffles and lotteries, online casinos, providing support for start ups and making donations giving an easier task as well.

Fidelium FID Final Thoughts

Fidelium is one of the only ones within the cryptocurrency industry who hopes to make use of tokens, besides being able to purchase, hold and then sell them for profit. Its overall success depends on store owners and service providers because if they do not agree to accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, the use of the Fidelium Debit Card and eventually, digital tokens might fail. Their future goals are definitely ambitious. Lastly, Fidelium’s transparency is on par, as they have provided every inch of detail that can be understood by those of any levels of cryptocurrency experiences. For more information, check out Fidelium’s white paper.


  1. Not sure If I agree with you on transparency.

    I invested in the Fidelium ICO because of all the promises etc.

    Now my investment is worthless, in the sense that I cannot trade this token anywhere unless I take up residence in South Korea and get a South Korean Bank Account. Meanwhile I sit here and watch my investment devalue day after day after day

    How the Fidelium Developer(s) can envisage widespread universal use, when they use investors money to register in one of the most obscure exchanges out there, is beyond me. It’s just another token where the Dev looks after himself first and foremost…

    Maybe they will do well and I wish them good luck. But for me personally, the word Fidelium leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.


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