The Fifth All-Ukranian Blockchain Hackathon

The Fifth All-Ukranian Blockchain Hackathon

The hackathon is largely a forum meant for developers, whereby experts from diverse areas of software development work in conjunction with one another to bring about solutions to some of the challenges in the world today. The program is supposed to last for just a limited period of time.

The 5th All Ukranian Blockchain hackathon is entirely devoted to generation of product’s prototypes on the foundation of blockchain technology. All the participants have to come up with prototypes of products by making use of fiscal APIs like Waves, Kuna and Blockchain. It is the creativity of a team or an individual that will set them apart from the rest.

Exceptional Ideas Will Attract Investors

It ought to be noted that exceptional and most supportive ideas will most likely attract investors from the crypto community. Additionally, such creativity is instrumental in opening up extra prospects for teams who come up with the innovations.

The people who are organizing the event guaranteed very advantageous circumstances for the industrious work. Participants will have a wonderful opportunity to access credible consultations from the best blockchain specialists in the industry.


Some of the participants expected to take part in the event include economists, marketers, software developers, inventors, as well as students who are specializing in the mentioned disciplines. The participants will have at least thirty hours to come up with an archetype of the product in the imaginative setting which will be expected to be a revolution in the Fintech or blockchain industry.

Only Those Who Register Will Participate

Only people who have registered for the event be allowed to take part in the hackathon, which has a limited number of spaces available to the public. The event which will last for only three days, has been christened BlockchainUA, and is expected to commence on the September 14th, 2018.

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