Fillit FILL ICO Coin Review

Fillit describes itself as the link between the present and the future when it comes to financial transactions. It is a crypto wallet unlike any other, thanks to its new and advanced features.

Making Cryptobanking Easier

Most cryptocurrency wallets available nowadays are associated with a particular cryptocurrency. What’s more, most of the wallets that claim to incorporate all cryptocurrencies are plagued by numerous shortcomings that raise concern even over their security and professionalism.

Fillit is a comprehensive cryptocurrency that accepts all sorts of cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH – it is also constantly updating its database to include some of the latest cryptocurrencies as there are ICOs being launched every other day.

Using Fillit is easy thanks to its simple interface. Users simply need to upload their cards on the wallet and choose from a wide array of cryptocurrencies that they wish to debit into their wallet. The equivalent in fiat currency will be deducted from your MasterCard, and your desired cryptocurrency will be debited into your wallet immediately for you to use as you please.

Some of the conveniences of working with Fillit are:

  • It does not charge for commissions for bank transfers
  • Fully indirect opening of accounts using multiple currencies – cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies
  • High trading and transaction limits
  • Zero installation fees
  • €1 monthly maintenance fees
  • A better and complete alternative to traditional current bank accounts
  • Fully electronic application process
  • Fast approval within 48 hours after application

A Crypto Wallet For All Mobile Devices

Fillit is designed to be compatible with all mobile devices running on Android and iOS platforms. It is a simple yet comprehensive application that will work seamlessly on any device. Additionally, besides the app, Fillit also offers other products and services including:

  • Fillit pre-paid card – you can use this card for numerous transactions
  • POS terminals for businesses
  • Fillit tokens

Introducing The Fillit FILL ICO Coin

Fillit has made good progress since it was launched. Nevertheless, it still has a long way to go. Its growing client base guarantees its future, and its entry into the cryptocurrency market has been seen to seal its success. To this end, all money generated through the Fillit FILL Coin ICO will be used to develop the Fillit crypto wallet and expand its services to strengthen its position in the highly competitive industry.

According to Fillit developers, the available tokens will be distributed to three main uses:

  • 68% of the total tokens (204 million tokens) will be issued to the public
  • 20% of the total tokens (60 million tokens) will be reserved for loyalty, gifts, rewards, and other services
  • 12% of the total tokens (36 million tokens) will be reserved for the owners

Fillit has also come up with two strategies designed to both reward and assure clients of transparency:

  • 30% of corporate profits will be distributed among holders of the Fillit tokens – distribution will be based on the number of tokens that one has purchased
  • Users have unlimited access to detailed financial reports

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