Finamatrix FIX ICO Review

When Dr. Lanz Chan, founder, Chief Scientist and CEO of Finamatrix A.I. thought of a technology that would lower risks in financial transactions, he knew why its essence. He was in the banking industry for over 20 years, with stints in UBS and JP Morgan banks and had even participated in hedge funds in Hong Kong. And so, the idea of having the number of accidents and errors in transactions using the newly discovered blockchain technology perfectly aligned with his aspirations.

What is Finamatrix FIX?

Never before had we experienced a “perfect marriage” of two ground-breaking technologies the way Finamatrix has done. Since 2006, Finamatrix has managed to combine the two to help achieve a robust risk management tool and predictable results. It is a Singaporean firm whose approach is in line with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s regulations, and it’s currently offering a FIX token via an ICO.

Finamatrix is described with its vibrant community whose existence considerably drive the FIX token as well as a 3B mechanism – bonus, buyback, and burn program. Ideally, it is an AI Technology firm with a unique AI Aggregator engine and an intuitive proprietary technology

Risk-Cybernetics that notes down price discovery of an asset. Basically, the Risk-Cybernetics is for time-varying portfolio selection, and it helps eliminate risks while reducing issues around selection bias.

About the Finamatrix FIX token

Finamatrix is unleashing a decentralized, blockchain-based risk management project that will provide access to an intuitive AI-driven portfolio along with it integrated services. Through FIX tokens (cryptocurrencies) designed from Waves blockchain, users will be able to access the services and stay away from risky transactions. Consequently, the token will be available for widespread adoption and convenient use in enabling uber-fast transactions.

How Finamatrix Tokens Will Work

Essentially, the platform’s algorithm isn’t elaborate and easy to decipher. But through the Whitepaper, you can get a more precise and more in-depth analysis of how the platform will execute smooth risk management practices and capture mispricing that you will then utilize for profits.

For instance, each asset at the platform is subjected to various price discovery functions before the IA implements MVSK utility optimization approach that then estimates the pricing function. There are several self-learning protocols pegged in the smart contracts, which later allow the smooth execution and automatic re-calibration of an optimized portfolio.

Where to Get FIX Tokens

The tokens can’t be mined, and the only way to own them is by the ICO and subsequently getting them are specific exchanges. At the moment, they are at, and its founders are evaluating other exchanges to increase the liquidity of these cryptocurrencies. One thing though is, you shouldn’t expect to see them in exchanges that have had previous hacking incidents.

Finamatrix FIX ICO Token Details

  • Platform – Waves, a secure wallet that’s KYC Compliant.
  • ICO duration – 3 August 2017 to not known yet.
  • Token name and symbol – Finamatrix and FIX
  • Total supply – 1 billion, but 500,000,000 at the ICO.
  • 1 FIX = approximately $0.10 to $1.00 over 5 tiers.
  • Coins accepted – BTC only

Questions About Legality, Safety, and Security of the Tokens as Well as its Founders

Finamatrix is from Singapore and opted for Waves since it’s widely recognized with partnerships with Deloitte. Its working is 100% legal since it works with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Waves has had no instances of vulnerabilities.

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