Financie: gumi Asia's eSports Players' Blockchain Trading Card Game

Asia Pte LTD, a Singapore-based mobile game and innovations company is on the hunt for new recruits to work alongside the spearhead of its new Trading Card GameFinancie‘, a new game developed using blockchain technology.

While the game is currently in its research and development phase, it promises to be an exciting prospect; as it allows outside spectators and fans to actively fund and support specific eSports players. Alongside supporting their favorite player by collecting their cards, fans will have access to specific perks just for them.

Abdul Malek, the Public Relations Executive for Gumi Asia has made a statement, seeking players to try out the system.

“We are recruiting eSports players and test users during this closed beta period.”

Malek has also added that these Esports players will appear on the trading cards within this game. With fans being able to buy and use these specific trading cards to support them in their career. The value of these cards is determined by the supply and demand from the fans of these Esportsmen.

These cards will also be completely tradeable between fans of respective players. With the use of any of these cards providing unique perks, such as receiving game play advice one-on-one. It also aims to give the cardholders more ways in which to use their cards.

These cards are managed through the use of the ERC-20 protocol of the Ethereum blockchain. This means that the proof of ownership will always be available to see, alongside making them open for transactions between players.

While these cards are readily purchasable and tradeable between fans. Confidentiality is always assured through the blockchain.

Malek added, in conjunction with his previous statements to discuss in more detail, the operational beta:

“We are planning to run Financie’s beta test in collaboration with teams and players from various parts of the world. We will be continuing to recruit eSports players who will be featured on the trading cards on an ongoing basis. Test Users will be able to purchase eSports Players’ trading cards and receive special rewards in the Closed Beta Test. To this end, we are conducting the Closed Beta Test as a demonstration of the technology, as well as to discover potential areas of improvement. As such, we would appreciate your cooperation. The project team looks forward to your participation in the Closed Beta Test.”

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