Find Exchange

What Is Find Exchange?

Find. Exchange is a global search and comparison mechanism that utilizes different filter engines to rank services ranging from Travel money, online exchange transfers and travel currency cards. The comparison engine will give e-commerce users and merchants the chance to compare, attract, and compete with other firms regarding ranking. The brief comparison will aim to provide users with a quick overview of the best platforms available and the products within the ranking system.

Fund Exchange Features

  • Comparison engines- the comparison engines allow for the users to access and compare a list of payment merchants to choose from and choose the best available
  • All-in-one validation and verification through the KYC and AML checks ensure a secure platform both for the users and merchants
  • Multiple options to accommodate more diversification through providing multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Live rates with real-time updates on partnership information

How Find Exchange Works

The user would first need to sign up with Find. Exchange as an initial task. Once inside the participants proceeds to fill out the KYC/AML. From there, the user can deposit money which is exchangeable with FEX tokens. The Find. Exchange platform processes the transfers to the wallets depending on the partner's payment page. The user lands on the payment page to deposit the necessary money for sending, from where the partner sends the money to user B.

Fund Exchange Benefits

  • Saves time for the users looking to compare the different types of companies and exchanges
  • Easy and intuitive user experience thanks to the simple interface and filter options to choose from and use
  • Rewarding schemes where users get to sign up and receive FEX tokens as incentives for their loyalty
  • An available support system that prioritizes the client's needs
  • Convenience-with Find. Exchange working on multiple operating systems and devices
  • Liquidity since FEX tokens is tradeable on the exchanges in partnership with Find.Exchange

Find Exchange FEX Token ICO Details

The Private sale date is 16th June 2018 with the token auction offering an 80% bonus for acquisitions above $170k and 40% bonus for over $15K. The Public token sale will enlist on 30 June 2018 with a set target cap of $ 33 million tokens. Additionally, the sale will feature four phases with different bonus options:

The first stage- comes with a 15% bonus from 30th June with minimum 0.1 ETH investment requirement

The second stage- with a 5% bonus the sale starts once the initial phase is sold out

The third stage- has a 5% bonus and a minimum participation requirement of 0.1 ETH

The fourth stage has no bonus system and is set to become active once the preceding stages are fully exhausted

  • Token ticker- FEX
  • Token type- ERC-20 standard token
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Token supply- 200 million tokens fixed
  • Tokens for sale- 112.5 million FEX tokens
  • Hard Cap- $33m
  • Price rate- 1 FEX= $0.40 USD

Distribution of funds

  • ICO sales– 56%
  • Find.Exchange Foundation-25%
  • Find.Exchange Team-10%
  • Community-4%
  • Advisors-5%

Find Exchange Conclusion

Find. Exchange is using a unique approach to offering convenience to the users. Rather than use multiple sources, the platform optimizes company information into one platform with the necessary filter options possible. The bottom line is that the service has definite potential for use within the business ecosystem and it is an excellent option to try out.

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