FINOM, found online at, promises to be the largest tokenized equity offering compliant with US regulations. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Finom?

FINOM is a blockchain ecosystem with a single point of entry and an AI assistant. The company’s upcoming token sale claims to be the largest US-compliant token sale.

FINOM claims to have 5 projects up and running (and profitable) already, including 520,000+ users in the United States, Russia, Brazil, China, and 170+ other countries.

The overall goal of FINOM is to make the world of finance available to everyone. To do that, FINOM provides a single point of entry to multiple platforms in the blockchain ecosystem – including trading, mining, and banking platforms.

How Does Finom Work?

FINOM’s goal is to create one system that benefits everyone. Described as “a flawless economical and financial system”, the system involves six different parties, including users, miners, business owners, developers, investors, and governmental organizations.

These parties can interact with multiple entities in the blockchain ecosystem through FINOM, including:

Trading Platforms:

FINOM allows users to access trading platforms like (a brokerage), CryptonIt (an exchange), TabTrader (a trading app), and P2P trading and alternative trading systems.


Using FINOM, anyone can access mining services like Nanopool (a mining pool), Cryptal (a mining farm), CryptoGen (mining software), along with cloud mining services and microtransaction payment protocols for the mining community.


FINOM’s banking services include services for merchants, cards, banks, and payment systems. Users can access these services for online acquisitions, credit and debit cards, commercial crypto banks, and global remittance services.

In layman’s terms, FINOM creates a platform where users can interact with all of the above systems through a single dashboard. You can connect your mining account to your FINOM account, for example, and directly spend mining profits using your FINOM-connected card service. You don’t need to transfer money between a maze of different accounts. You can manage your entire crypto presence through a single convenient ecosystem.

Here’s how each of the six targeted users could access the FINOM ecosystem:


Any user, regardless of his or her experience, can quickly learn how to use financial instruments. The integrated FINOM account offers easy access to asset management tools with minimal transaction fees.


FINOM simplifies the process of gaining financial rewards for miners. The FINOM integrated account allows users to add both their card and wallet to their personal profile. Miners can pay for everyday purchases using freshly mined cryptocurrencies.

Business Owners:

Business owners can access new financial instruments in a legal, compliant environment.


FINOM provides developers with APIs for all its services. Developers can use these APIs in their apps and websites, or create subservices and aggregators.


FINOM is inviting investors “to participate in the creation of the financial system of the future”. As an investor in FINOM, you’ll receive the right to access dividends and the right to vote on future changes.


Governments can use FINOM to access oversight tools, helping them better regulate the cryptocurrency ecosystem. To help governments, FINOM will provide a clear structure with user identification.

Ultimately, FINOM is a multi-featured management tool for the crypto industry and everyone involved in the industry. Participants can manage multiple industry platforms from a single, convenient dashboard.

The Finom Token Sale

The FINOM website makes a big deal out of the size and regulation of their sale, calling it “the first tokenized equity compliant with US regulations” and “the largest” of its kind.

The token sale is scheduled for November 1 to December 30. You can contribute using EUR, USD, BTC, and ETH.

FINOM is sold under the ticker symbol FIN. There’s a total supply of 425 million shares (yes, the company calls them “shares”), with 191.25 million offered during the token sale at a price of $2 USD per share.

The token is in a pre-sale phase from November 1 to November 15. During this stage, only those investing more than $100,000 can participate in the sale. From November 15 to December 30, anyone can invest in FINOM with a minimum of $2.

The crowdsale is open to accredited investors from the United States and investors from all other countries in the world.

Who’s Behind Finom?

FINOM is led by Kirill Suslov (CEO), Denis Suslov (CFO), Alexandr Barkovskiy (CTO), Yegor Karatov (Chief Compliance Officer).

The company is officially registered under the name Finom AG. They’re headquartered in Teufen, Switzerland.

Finom Conclusion

There are hundreds of different platforms across the blockchain ecosystem. Instead of juggling accounts, switching between mining pools, and messing with multiple bank transfer services, FINOM lets you organize everything within a single, convenient dashboard. The Switzerland-based development team is aiming to build “the financial system of the future”.

FINOM’s token sale began on November 1 and ends on December 30, 2017. The sale is being advertised as the first and largest tokenized equity offering compliant with US regulations. To learn more about FINOM, visit the platform online today at

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