Study Finds Blockchain Technology Gained 11% Popularity In 2018

A recent study has indicated that blockchain technology gained more recognition from large industries. According to the research published by Fintech’s Juniper House, the level of traction from large enterprises has gone up by 11% and 65% of respondents in the survey are either considering or are actively involved with the blockchain deployment while a similar survey conducted last year showed only 54% deployment.

The press release of the results states:

“[According] to the Blockchain Enterprise Survey: Deployments, Benefits & Attitudes (Second Edition), nearly a quarter of companies considering deploying blockchain had moved beyond proof of concept into trials and commercial rollouts, with dramatic diversification in use cases over the past year.”

It was explained that only “15% of proposed deployments were now related to payments”.

This compares to a statistic of 34% from last year. Apparently, there is “with significant interest in opportunities across diverse fields including logistics, authentication and smart contracts.”

The conclusions from the survey saw that Ethereum was contesting as the most popular blockchain. The report shows that nearly 50% of the companies surveyed were considering using Ethereum’s platform to use for their blockchain. Juniper highlighted the fact that the network’s “token standardization has enabled the creation of an ecosystem of dApps (Distributed Applications) to be built on its chain.”

It was also discovered that the companies in the survey who had already put more than $100,000 USD into blockchain would be willing to spend more on the technology. According to Juniper, the companies indicated that,

“They would be spending at least this amount again on the technology over the next 12 months.”

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