What Is FireToken?

FireToken is a new cryptocurrency which intends to bring democracy to the investments that are made in the blockchain world. By using this cryptocurrency, you can earn money by staking the tokens in your wallet and you will be able to vote and participate in the market and vote in the investments.

How FireToken Crypto Investing Community Votes Work

The FireToken community is constructed with the goal of creating a system in which the users will vote by using their tokens. Each token that is on staking mode will be equal to 1 vote, so the more money that you have, the more you can vote.

This company enables the token holders to participate in the decisions of a large market of actions and weekly pools provide information so the members can access their collective data. Rewards for staking include getting more and more tokens and power for voting.

The company will design its own wallet which will both be used to hold the tokens and to control your investments and stake. You will be able to get a passive interest of 36% or more in a single month by staking. To download the wallet, you have to go to Github.

Another important feature of the company is the exchange. In the exchange, you will be able to find the tokens and to exchange them for other tokens whenever you want to “cash out”.

The FireToken Ecosystem

The main goal of the company is the creation of an ecosystem that can be sustainable over time and that will be fully decentralized. For this, FireToken intends to never restrict the access of the users from their own tokens. They want to make these digital tokens be like they would if they were fiat currency.

Also, FireToken company intends the community to drive the price of the actions and to use this same community to support the product. This way, by using its decentralized voting system, the company intends to progressively improve staking and let its community create a portfolio that will be diversified based on the data of what the community thinks that is a good investment.

The polls will be available for voting weekly and the members will be free to discuss and vote on the options that they like the most. The investments will be diversified. They can be made on holding investments, ICOs and altcoins, which the community will decide which ones are the best choices.

The FireToken Staking Program

To stake your tokens and be able to receive voting rights and bonuses, you have to keep them on your wallet and turn them into staking mode. Staking is vital to make the transactions that are vital for the network to work properly.

If you stake from 1 to 999 tokens, you can get up to 24% monthly, while 1,000 to 4,999 tokens will grant you 27% monthly. 5,000 to 9,999 will be equal to 30% monthly, while 10,000 to 49,999 will be 33% and more than 50,000 on staking mode will give you a bonus of 36% monthly.00

FireToken FPWR Coins ICO Details

The process is very simple. You can buy the tokens by depositing money on the site and then submitting internal orders to the company. You can also buy the tokens from Coinexchange.io. You will be able to buy tokens directly from the company during their ICO starting 04/30/17.

FireToken Verdict

This company does have some appeal, but unfortunately, it also lacks something tangible that would differentiate it from the competition. Also, it does not make a very good job of explaining very well how the company works and how the investments are made, only explaining the voting system.

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