First Crypto ETF

First Crypto ETF, found online at, is a platform that promises to “perfectly manage” your digital assets. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is First Crypto ETF?

First Crypto ETF, or FCTF, describes itself as “a unique platform with its own designed authorized engine which perfectly manage digital assets [sic].”

Awkward wording aside, FCTF wants to make baskets of cryptocurrency assets that can be bought or sold on cryptocurrency exchanges or in peer-to-peer platforms. These baskets would contain specific percentages of different cryptocurrencies – just like a standard exchange traded fund (ETF). You can buy or sell these funds as easily as a digital token.

In other words, instead of buying 20 different cryptocurrencies to diversify your investment, you can buy a token that represents the top 20 most-traded cryptocurrencies on the market today.

The platform is undergoing its ICO from October 6 to December 6. You can purchase tokens that represent a share of the platform.

How Does First Crypto ETF Work?

First Crypto ETF has already announced the structure of their ETF, including the breakdown in different currencies. Here’s the structure of FCTF:

Another key component of First Crypto ETF is the debit card. There will be a debit card called the “Black Card” which lets you spend money from your investment portfolio. Since the basket of funds listed above is represented in the form of a single digital token, that debit card comes pre-loaded with those tokens, and you can spend their value based on whatever those tokens are currently trading at.

How DO FCTF Tokens Work?

First Crypto ETF plans to have a hard cap of 65 million tokens. 18% of tokens will be held by founders, consultants, and partners. 82% will be sold during the pre-ICO and ICO.

During the ICO, one FCTF token = 0,13 EUR. During the pre-ICO, the rate is 1 FCTF = 0,1 EUR.

The pre-ICO and ICO are available to anyone between October 6 and December 6, 2017.

There’s a hard cap of 10 million tokens for the pre-ICO. 1.8 million of those tokens are already reserved for founders, so 8.2 million will go on sale during the pre-ICO.

During the main ICO, there will be 55 million tokens issued, with 45.1 million available on sale.

FCTF tokens represent ownership of the First Crypto ETF platform. The tokens allow holders to receive benefits and vote on FCTF-related issues. Any non-fiat funds sent during the ICO will be immediately sent to a cold-storage, multi-signature address.

Investors who buy more than 1 million tokens can nominate an individual to become a member of the Board of Directors.

Who’s Behind First Crypto ETF?

The First Crypto ETF project is led by CEO Peter Vrabel, who has 10+ years of marketing experience and 5+ years of equity and securities trading experience.

Other key members of the team include Roman Lazar, VP for Marketing, and Milan Kuruc, Executive for Process Engineering and Programming.

The team has partnered with Vacuum Labs to bring the project to life. Vacuum Labs specializes in back-end services.

First Crypto ETF Conclusion

First Crypto ETF is a project that aims to bring the benefits of exchange traded funds (ETFs) to cryptocurrencies. Obviously, there are a number of similar projects underway today. The First Crypto ETF ICO is taking place between October 6 and November 6. You can buy tokens that represent a share of a digital basket of cryptocurrencies. Instead of buying 20 different cryptocurrencies to diversify your investment, you can buy one token that represents a basket of cryptocurrencies.

To learn more about First Crypto ETF, visit the company online today

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