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First Stage Investor is a digital newsletter that promises to help you “become the next bitcoin millionaire.” Find out how it works today in our First Stage Investor review.

What Is First Stage Investor?

First Stage Investor is a digital newsletter created by The newsletter makes big claims about helping you become the next bitcoin millionaire by buying the right digital currencies today.

In all likelihood, the days of becoming a bitcoin millionaire from a small investment are over. However, new digital currencies are appearing online every day – and one of those digital currencies could become the next bitcoin. First Stage Investor will deliver twelve copies to your email address or front door every month explaining how to pick the best investments today.

The newsletter is created by Adam Sharp, who’s listed as the co-founder of Early Investing. Early Investing, according to Adam, is “a business my partner and I created to help everyday people understand and profit from the most exciting new investments on the market.”

The website appears to have launched in 2013, and it mostly consists of blog posts published once or twice a week. Approximately 5 months ago, most of the blog posts on First Stage Investor started to exclusively deal with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

One of the main purposes of the website, however, is to convince you to sign up for a $50 per year monthly report called First Stage Investor. In an effort to get you to sign up for First Stage Investor, the company has bundled a number of cryptocurrency reports to the subscription for free.

First Stage Investor Pricing

First Stage Investor is available in two subscription packages:

  • 1 Year: $49
  • 2 Years: 489

If you read the fine print at the bottom of the page, you’ll learn that your credit card will be charged again at the end of your renewal period. The company also claims that the “regular price” is $150 per year, although we could find no evidence that the newsletter has ever been priced at that rate.

What’s Included With First Stage Investor?

Your $50 a year subscription includes all of the following:

  • 12 monthly issues of First Stage Investor
  • Access to monthly digital currency recommendations
  • Access to the company’s startup portfolio
  • Weekly updates on all positions and alerts to ensure you maximize your trading profitability
  • Access to an email newsletter for Early Investing (I’m pretty sure this is just an email newsletter that reminds you when new blog posts are posted to
  • Access to a subscribers-only website
  • Two digital currency reports, including “How to Become the Next Bitcoin Millionaire”, and “How to Score a Massive Fortune on the Next Three Digital Currency Superstars”
  • Three financial reports, including “The Best Places to Invest Online: Portals to Find High-Quality Equity Crowdfunding Deals”, “How to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Portfolio – Entirely Tax-Free”, and “How to Find Your Own Winning Private Early-Stage Opportunities.”

First Stage Investor And Digital Currencies

First Stage Investor is an investment newsletter that covers all aspects of the world of investing – including cryptocurrencies and traditional investments. However, the creators of the email newsletters have recently begun a marketing campaign online where they heavily promote the cryptocurrency angle.

The marketing campaign includes a new video describing the value of ICOs and new digital currencies, as well as a lengthy sales page that basically works as a transcript of that video.

Both the video and the text transcript spend a lot of time listing the same points over and over again: they tell you about random digital tokens and cryptocurrencies that have experienced massive gains over a certain period of time. The newsletter repeatedly explains how if you invested just a small amount of money into those cryptocurrencies early – say in late 2016 or early 2017 – you would be a millionaire today.

Obviously, there are plenty of opportunities in the cryptocurrency world to make money. There are also plenty of “pump and dump” coins that will skyrocket in value one day – only to plummet in value the next day. Sometimes, there’s a reason for these changes. In other cases, there’s not – and they’re totally unpredictable.

Ultimately, First Stage Investor claims to have identified a way to reliably spot digital currencies before they get big – and they plan to teach you which currencies to buy with weekly updates and newsletters.

First Stage Investor Conclusion

Is First Stage Investor worth a $50 annual fee for 12 email newsletters? That’s up to you to decide. The newsletter comes with a money back guarantee. You can subscribe, follow a few of the stock tips and cryptocurrency tips, then see if they work for you. If they do – then that’s great, and you’ve made money. If not, then you can request a refund. However, you should be warned that the cryptocurrency world is notoriously unpredictable – and there are few people who have been able to reliably predict market movements over the years.

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  1. Last evening, I used my credit card to purchase your program, “First Stage Investor” and as the page said here are your bonuses, screen flipped over to another company and I did not receive anything from you. But you have charged my credit card $49.00. Where is product???

  2. cancel all further billings, cancel all further services, after purchasing the product…nothing happened an received nothing except the bill for $49..

    We wish to have no further contact or business dealings with this service.

  3. I just signed up for the First Stage Investor and got nothing but advertisements for other companies wanting me to sign up. I was suppose to get things in my email and have yet not received anything. Please explain

  4. Ok if I dont receive what was promised me I will have the credit card transaction stopped tomorrow am. Please get the promised material to me asap

  5. Just purchased First Stage Investor online for $49.00. Promised info to be sent immediately to my e-mail. Received nothing…It’s now 4:45 a.m. If not received by 7:00 a.m this morning will stop transaction with credit card..Really hope this is not a SCAM…was looking forward to what appeared to be legit information.

  6. I didn’t recieve the info right away, it took a while but received everything promised via email and also access to the Early Investing site. No problems and I set up my first trade in just a few minutes. Easy.

  7. I did it for a year, it just takes a day or so to get all the info to sign in and access everything. The Equity Crowdfunding info was more useful than their crypto knowledge (still worth it), but my subscription ran out in September.

  8. I also spent the $49 to enroll. When I signed up I provided a Username and I created a password. No email received. However, I went to the first stage investor site and logged in. Was able to access everything. Just go to the site and log in. Done.

  9. I signed up for two years of your service last night; it looks terrific. I was in contact with coinbase today to follow up with the currencies. Unfortunately my 21 year old “Wow ” computer will not allow me to use the service and I have to purchase a newer computer to run their service. I won’t be able to do that right now. Would you be kind enough to credit the card I used and when I replace this old but good machine I will try again. Please e-mail me when you have done this. Thank you. Sincerely Dick

  10. I would like to try your service for Bitcoin investing. By looking at your review, There is too much complaints on your service.

  11. Like Mr Hussain I wish to cancel my subscription if you are unable to do this and arrange the return of my money can you advise the contact details
    Many thanks

  12. WOW, everything worked as stated and I have all the info. I have also doubled my investment since November on cryto. Course Bitcoin has tripled in two weeks. Thanks for everything.

  13. I’m considering ordering the “First Stage Investor” package. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences so far. Are the top three “free” crypto picks ICO or already existing coins that can be found on Coinmarketcap site? Has anyone invested in, or researched any of the three to try them out yet?

  14. I see the $49.00 on my credit card as a charge but have received nothing from this company as promised. Is this a scam? If so, I will be reaching out to the NYS Attorney General as I am tired of all these scams being put upon innocent people looking to make money in the market.

  15. I paid for my subscription online and waited 10 minutes for an email that didn’t come, so I called their customer service. The rep told me it could take about 24 hours for the info to be sent by email, but less than 15 mins later I received the initial email. It stated that the login info would be sent in the next 48-72 hours. I also have access to the reports that were promised in the offer. So far so good.

  16. Paid. Never got the email with my user name and password. Disputed the charge with my credit card company. Can’t wait to meet Adam Sharp in person some day.

  17. Hello First Stage Investor,

    Please refund the amount of USD49.00 and cancel subscription Order #17716858 dated December 6, 2017 its not for me.

    Yours truly,

  18. Just sign up today, Jan. 31,2018, for $49, but when I called the bank, first stage investor charged me $89. After reading your comments, I think I am now in the list of their scam victims.

  19. I paid for the subscrition 1 year $49 with my visa debit card yesterday and got all the info by the recommendations and today also I received more info in my far so good

  20. I didn’t sign up they got my info & charged for a service I did not buy. They will need to cancel their effort to collect this $49.00. Boyd Pierce

  21. Paid $3000 for their upgraded course, it’s a TOTAL SCAM. This guy is giving the most basic information that exists. ANY research I’ve done into crypto provided more value than this guy. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ADAM SHARP… IF that’s even his real name? These guys are taking advantage of good people by hyping up a product that’s absolute dog shit. They even sweet talked on the phone about how great it was and the constant content using scarcity tactics to get me to give them my credit card.

    There’s been next to nothing in terms of info! The info they DO provide is unbelievably basic it blows your mind that these guys charge this much. They KNOW they’re scamming people and they don’t care. It’s ALL HYPE! AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Don’t lose your money like I did!

  22. I was going to sign up for your service but when I read all the reviews I was a little leary. Not good having all these complaints.


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