The vibrant, active gaming community in the world that enjoys eSports games has increased steadily over the years, and gamers have continued to be a major market for hardware, software and game manufacturing companies.

When it comes to popularity, it is hard to rival popular eSports games that gamers enjoy, including games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Gamers routinely enjoy their time playing these games, and for innovative businesses, this can represent a great business opportunity.

FirstBlood is one such effort that aims to radically change the gaming experience for both beginners and seasoned gamers by offering skill-based incentive in popular eSports titles.

By integrating the world of digital currency with the world of eSports games, FirstBlood has come up with a truly unique platforms that allows gamers and game curators to earn incentives based on their skills in their games of choice, using an integrated digital currency that has already seen widespread enthusiasm.

FirstBlood Concept

The concept that drives FirstBlood is unique in many aspects. There are few players in the market that have been able to successfully merge the worlds of digital currency and eSports games, and with this platform, there is definitely the potential for the two worlds to come together in a meaningful way.

The premise is simple – skilled gamers take part in online eSports games which are witnessed and curated, the results verified and incentives provided in the form of an integrated digital currency platform.

This system not only inspires gamers to develop their skills, but also acts as a meaningful incentive that can drive gamers towards eSports success.

The entire model is based on decentralized nodes that are used to spectate, curate and confirm game results, and the system has support for most of the popular eSports titles that gamers are currently playing at a global level.

Streamlined Process

The process to get incentives on the FirstBlood platform is simple. Gamers just have to choose their favorite game, start off with some platform tokens to get started on a one-on-one or team battle, find the right opponent, and play to the best of their abilities.

The game is witnessed and curated by other participants in the platform, and the winner receives rewards in the form of platform tokens.

FirstBlood has tried to make this process as foolproof as possible, ensuring that skilled gamers get the rewards that they deserve. The platform uses multiple witness nodes to verify game results, so as to eliminate the possibility of misuse and confusion arising from game API failure.

Reward System

FirstBlood has both free to play and buy-in games on offer, with the option for members to also create, host tournaments and witness matches of other players.

The reward system is transparent and dependent entirely on skill set, making this a truly enticing platform for both beginners looking to get their hands dirty and skilled gamers looking for the right rewards.

The free to play option ensures that members can get a feel of the platform without having to spend anything, and the option of being able to earn rewards by curating the games of other players brings an added level of participation to the process.

Getting Started With FirstBlood

The signup process at FirstBlood takes only a few minutes with very little required in terms of details. The option to join the public Beta is available front and center in the FirstBlood website.

FirstBlood Summary

Overall, this is a platform that can take things to a whole new level for enthusiastic and skilled gamers who take their talents seriously, and deserve an incentivized gaming platform which rewards them for their carefully honed skills.

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