FitVitalik ICO

What is FitVitalik ICO?

There are ICOs and there are ICOs. This is possibly the most risible ICO to date with derisory overtones, crystallizing just how preposterous ICOs can get in the open-source environment. We'll try to outline FitVitalik ICO with a level of gravity that befits the project. We sincerely hope you'll make it through the review without choking on your breakfast!

FitVitalik ICO is a facetious project which aims to help Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, ‘get back in shape'.

Because some people are much too busy thinking about our future. They’ve forgotten to think about theirs. We, the cryptocurrency community, have made it our mission to help one altruistic yet self-neglectful genius at a time.

Why is it important that the crypto community help Vitalik? He's smart, co-founded bitcoin magazine, invented Ethereum. Being so busy, he's neglected his own health. He doesn't get the recommended hours of sleep daily, he doesn't exercise, he appears to be malnourished.

FitVitalik is so highly concerned about his well-being and claims to have devised the perfect plan to restore him back to good health, with plans to get him a gym membership, a personal trainer and a dietician. With the funds raised from ICO, FitVitalik will apparently get him a gym membership in any gym of his choice, the best personal trainer and the best dietician for many years to come.

The ‘ICO‘ is intended to be a surprise from the crypto community. Therefore, Buterin has NOT been contacted to even inform him of such a project, much less seek permission. Buterin is only to be informed of the project further to a successful ICO, beginning on November 25.

It is claimed that 90% of the funds raised will go towards revitalizing Buterin, with 10% used to cover ‘development costs’. The tokens issued do not entail any reward or return on investment and only meant to be a collectible.

How about just convincing Buterin to eat healthier and hit the weight room. We're sure he can afford the cost. Better yet, how about we stop telling people what lifestyle choices to make? Why is anyone obliged to throw money at a faceless project which has not even sought the permission or consent of the person it is intended to help?

FitVitalik ICO Verdict

We do apologize if the review turned out to be facetious. It only demonstrates that our reviews unfailingly reflect the nature of a project to a tee.

We do not recommend that anyone support this project or even take it to be sincere in the first place. FitVitalik is little more than a mildly creative snow job to coax money from strangers.

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