The Fixy Network is a blockchain-powered application that is going to facilitate the use of crypto in everyday life. This solution works well for crypto newbies as well as experts. This solution offers various benefits such as monetizing crypto and being able to pay in Fiat and crypto.

What is FIXY Network?

Right now, there are very few uses for crypto in daily life. Despite the technological benefits that the blockchain has, almost all trade in the world today still takes place in fiat. Although crypto has been praised a lot in the media, the truth is that there are very few use cases.

The other issue is that there is a barrier to entry into crypto. Trying to be part of the crypto world can be quite tiring. When a newbie tries to purchase crypto, they quickly realize that it is not easy. As a result, some end up losing interest. The tiring registration process they have to undergo usually causes this. Besides that, if you want to liquidate your crypto assets, it usually means you have to register on an exchange. The problem becomes even worse when you consider that banks have banned their customers from taking part in the world of crypto.

Centralized exchanges are also an issue. The blockchain is all about decentralization. However, all the major exchanges today are centralized. This has led to some exchanges shutting out new traders because of the sheer volumes that they have to deal with. Besides that, central exchanges are prone to hacks. In some cases, investors have lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another problem is the lack of mass adoption. Despite how popular crypto has become, especially due to media attention, there is still no mass adoption. The reason is that buying crypto has become so complex. It is especially so since there are over 2 billion unbanked adults in the world. They do not have the accounts needed to purchase crypto.

The other issue is converting crypto into cash. In most cases, trying to switch crypto to cash in minutes is usually not possible. Although there are services online that can do this, most take days to convert your coins. It can be quite stressful when you are in need of quick cash.

The Fixy solution

Fixy will make it possible for people to utilize crypto in their daily lives. The network will come with a decentralized exchange and marketplace. For newbies, this will be one of the easiest ways to join the world of crypto. The entire network is designed to make it easy to gain entry into the world of crypto coins.

FIXY Network ICO (FXY Token) Sale

Token: FXY
Total Circulation: 100,000,000 FXY
1ETH = 5000 FXY

The Gift Card

Gift Cards offered by Fixy give a chance to people to enter the world of crypto. This happens without going through a complex verification process. Purchasing the Gift Card is going to be offered by stores verified by Fixy. Finding them will be easy using the Store Locator. These cards are sold with fiat money. The money is deposited in the Fixy app and users can use the money in the decentralized exchanges or marketplace.

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