A major shortcoming of cryptocurrency has always been the latitudinal acceptance across all platforms and industries. This seems to be changing. For an example, crypto enthusiasts can now give the gift of crypto-backed travel. This is made possible as HotelGift and FlightGiftCard started accepting cryptocurrencies.

HotelGift and FlightGiftCard are the only companies to do so accepting payments made in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Launched this February, FlightGiftCard is the world’s only cross-airline gift card solution, allowing giftees the flexibility to choose and book flights with over 300 airlines to any of 980 destinations in 70 countries worldwide via the FlightGiftCard website. Similarly, sister brand, HotelGift, operating since 2014, provides access to over 110,000 hotels in 170 countries globally.

We are happy to announce that we are now also accepting crypto payments!

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Regarding the new change, Loes Daniels, Founder, and CEO of HotelGift and FlightGiftCard quoted: “Cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream since 2017, and are now held by many regular households and traditional investors…We’ve felt it necessary to include cryptocurrency as a payment method as we believe that they are here to stay.”

The idea of being able to subsist exclusively using crypto is a long-held dream among many adopters. Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver has been particularly obsessed with retail adoption and has worked tirelessly to extend it. But only a small percentage of retailers have so far been interested, and many, citing volatility and transaction delays, have experimented with receiving crypto payments only to eventually relent.

There is an all-out expansion within the crypto sector, with developments like these happening on a daily basis. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology seems to be the influencing global market trends and the impact will only increase.


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