Florio is a blockchain-based health platform that promises to help anyone live a healthier life. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Florio?

Florio, found online at Florio.io, wants to help anyone live a healthier life using blockchain technology. The platform uses a tokenized reward system that motivates people to move, exercise, set, and achieve their goals.

Basically, the platform combines gamified competition and financial rewards with a social network and exercise.

Overall, Florio claims to be “the first blockchain based health platform that actually enables everybody to live healthy.”

How Does Florio Work?

Florio allows users to track their health activities, set goals for themselves, and challenge and compete with friends and family. These goals can be food and exercise related.

The Florio platform will be supported by an extensive range of e-commerce services designed to benefit users. The core of the platform is the Florio token, or FLR, which will be used as a challenge reward and as a currency for Florio’s e-commerce services.

To encourage healthy living, Florio will track healthy activities using blockchain technology. The company will feature competitions, gamification systems, and rewards to encourage users to stay active. Florio keeps track of everything using “advanced data tracking mechanisms”. Users can compare achievements, track their goals, and measure what level of exercise is actually healthy for their unique needs.

Before Florio becomes a full-featured health platform, the developers are setting smaller goals for themselves. Initially, Florio will only track activities like step, distance, and calories burnt. However, users can also view regional leaderboards to check how they measure against peers in their area, or to track their overall progress.

Florio also emphasizes convenience: they understand that most people aren’t willing to buy yet another fitness tracker or smartwatch to track their activity. That’s why the platform is designed with multiple devices in mind. Here’s how the announcement post explains it:

“The best part is, you don’t even have to do anything. Just connect your tracker/wearable and all the data automatically translates into usable advice. After the challenge the reward goes to the winner of the challenge which is determined by the platform.”

Finally, Florio aims to create a strong community, which they describe as “the core of the platform”. Users can interact with that community to access tips and information about health and exercise. Users can find support, share victories, and even connect with health professionals through the platform.

How To Use Florio

Florio publishes an example of how their blockchain-based ecosystem can be used to create competitions between friends and family. Here’s a basic overview of how it works:

  • John wants to run 3 miles and break his 30 minute record. John needs some extra motivation and decides to add a challenge, so he creates a public challenge on Florio and invites his friend Susan. A stranger named Frank sees the challenge and decides to also participate.
  • To make the challenge more interesting, John decides to set a reward of 15 FLR tokens. Susan and Frank both accept, which makes the total reward for the challenge 45 FLR. The Florio tracking algorithm and smart contracts work together to ensure the reward payout is honored and the challenge is executed fairly.
  • Florio tracks user data using fitness trackers. The first one to reach three miles will win the challenge.
  • Frank has the fastest time, with Susan and John finishing in second and third. Frank wins the challenge and receives the reward. In the end, everybody reached their three mile goal.

The Florio Token Sale

The Florio token sale is scheduled to begin on November 18, 2017 at 15:00 GMT. The token sale will last 30 days or until all tokens are sold. A bonus of 30% is available during the first 1 to 7 days of the sale.

20% of Florio tokens (FLR) will be created and distributed to Florio’s founders, employees, and early investors. 75% are made available to the public through the token sale, 15% are allocated for business development, market expansion, and marketing activities, and 10% are allocated to support e-commerce development in the Florio network.

All funds received through the token sale will go towards development of the Florio platform.

The FLR tokens are ERC20 standard tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 130 million FLR tokens, with no new coins created in the future.

Who’s Behind Florio?

Florio is led by Jermaine Jong (CEO), Danillo Felixdaal (CTO and Developer), Koen Bouwens (Marketer), Sandro Ramos (Data Architect), and Randy Daal (Lead Developer). The company is based in Amsterdam.

Florio has recruited a number of sports celebrities to endorse the platform, including Garret McNamara (the surfer with the world record for the largest wave ever surfed), Rachelle Chase (a fitness influencer), and Jessica Lauren (a fitness guru, model, and athlete).

Florio Conclusion

Florio is a fitness tracking platform built on blockchain technology. The Amsterdam-developed platform allows users to create competitions with other users, then use fitness trackers and smart contracts to ensure those competitions are completed fairly.

Overall, Florio wants to be the first blockchain-based health platform that allows everyone to live healthy. It wants to track everything, then use that health data to help users compete over the blockchain using Florio tokens (FLR).

To learn more about Florio, visit online today at Florio.io.

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