What Is Flubit?

FLUBIT is the largest UK independent marketplace, which contains millions of everyday items that are available to sell and buy from categories like home, toys, garden, electronics, and even books. FLUBIT connects together thousands of suppliers from all over UK, thus allowing its users to purchase a variety of different products directly from multiple sellers all in one basket.

FLUBIT as a platform has introduced a seamless method by which customers can pay for items using cryptocurrency with the help of a prominent blockchain technology company known as MONETARYUNIT, thus making it the largest destination worldwide for the purchasing of items by use of cryptocurrency.

This is brought by the drive that everyday more than $15BN is transacted using cryptocurrency; hence, the owners want somewhere that they can spend their coins and be given real-world items in exchange thus ensuring cryptocurrency is accessible by everyone.

Users with their community token as a payment means on FLUBIT can lead to the generation of additional demand for the purchase of their specific token by the users of the marketplace. This increases the volume of trading and helps in the growth of the value and future relevance of the coin. The platform accepts applications from coins that meet the same ethos as the blockchain and crypto technologies of MONETARYUNIT and its MUE coin.

How Flubit Accepting Top Cryptocurrencies For Payments Works

The first step is for users to find the items they want to buy by browsing through millions of the available items on the platform and adding to the basket the ones selected. The buyer then adds the shipping address and on checkout, selects the ‘pay with crypto' option instead of card option. The next step is choosing the coin that the user wants to pay with from the list of coins accepted by the platform.

The platform has favorable conversion rates that allow users to save a lot as compared to using an exchange. The buyer sends the money and delivery of the goods is processed. They have one hour to send to the platform the full amount of the selected coin. The platform clarifies this by clearly stating the amount that users need to send, the destination, and the timeframe involved. The system then updates the page to inform the buyer that they have received the payment or if not, the order is cancelled.

Flubit Benefits

Products At Great Prices

FLUBIT as a marketplace offers products at user-friendly prices. The products are given at prices that are even cheaper than those offered by Amazon, making it very convenient.

Safe And Secure Payment

The payment in the FLUBIT platform is safe and secure by use of cryptocurrency. The MonetaryUnit blockchain technology ensures the safety of the payment as well as transparency of the transactions conducted.

Vetted Suppliers

All the suppliers on the marketplace are from UK and have been thoroughly vetted by the platform, ensuring their reliability and efficiency in the provision of quality products to the buyers on time.

Quick Delivery

Delivery at the platform is faster in that it starts immediately after the confirmation of the payment made by the buyer. Users can get their products conveniently and when they need.

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