What Is Fluxorin?

Fluxorin is a music-streaming platform, decentralized, and based on a blockchain network. The system is ideal for music consumption and publication and combines cryptocurrency with a mission to inspire and unlock the creative potential of artists.

By use of smart contract technology, the platform ensures transparency is maintained in the industry in terms of allocation of rewards. This is made possible by the platform being able to track the entire life process of the music from its first publication by use of the Distributed Autonomous Labels (DAL), which transforms functions of labels and other entities in the music industry to be automatic.

How Fluxorin Blockchain-Based Music Streaming Works

The platform generated a new model called the sharism model that changes the entire process of music creation, its consumption, and compensation. In the model, every playback is a representation of an exchange made between the listener and the musician. The listener gives the musician a payment and is granted access to certain music in exchange. The model is created with a mechanism for payment that is fast, with very low transaction cost and its working is global.

Musicians on the platform directly license their content in form of programmed contract to a blockchain. The contract makes the process of collecting and distributing royalty payments automatic and controlled by the artists themselves. Listeners have access to a global music catalog that is stored on the network and thereby directly pay artists by use of the platform's digital currency.

The platform designed tools that are easy to give musicians and listeners a smooth experience. The open protocol on the platform allows third parties to openly build a wide variety of value added services and software.

The usage of delivery technologies and peer-to-peer storage makes it possible for the music to be published and distributed in very high qualities through the sharing of playlists on the network with friends while the cost is kept at minimal.

The platform's FLUX tokens are its internal currency, which are ERC20 compliant on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are used as rewards to the labels, band members, artists and any other entity that has an involvement in the creative process. Listeners of the music use VBT tokens found on various exchanges to purchase the music, ticket buying for shows, tours and music concerts on the VERBERDIN network.

Fluxorin Advantages


All the operations of the platform are made very open by the use of smart contract technology. Information on transactions made is made available to the users of the system at all times.

Low Operational Cost

The cost of operations on the platform is very low thus, this means that anyone anywhere can easily participate in its operations and gain benefits at the same time.

Proper Allocation Of Royalties

The process of allocating royalties to artists is now automatic making it very transparent and efficient. Artists now have total control of the royalties that they receive in that listeners pay them for their contents directly.

Use Of DLA

The Distributed Autonomous Label makes the distribution of rewards to different artists to be in a fair manner because artists automatically receive their payments once listeners pay for the access to their contents.

Fluxorin TFT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: TFT
  • Accepted payment method: ETH, BTC
  • Total token supply: 702,000,000
  • ICO: 372,000,000

Distribution Of Funds


  • 51% Product Development
  • 16% Marketing
  • 11% Operations
  • 15% Legal
  • 7% Security


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