Fluzcoin Review

Fluzcoin is a new crypto that intends to change the market. That is what they all say, though, right? Because of this, we’ll analyze this new startup company on our blog so you can know whether you should consider investing in it or not.

What Is Fluzcoin?

Fluzcoin will be a token that will be backed by global retailers. This way, it intends to actually change the market by having a good currency that also works with a lot of retailer companies.

Some of the most important partners of the company are Apple Music, Burguer King, Adidas, Pandora, Macys, Microsft, Walmart, Nike, Disney, Applebees, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Ebay, CVS, Uber, Xbos, Skype and EA. These are very strong names of multinational companies, which is enough to lead to believe that this company might have a chance.

How Fluzcoin EUNOMIA Retail Shopping Cryptocurrency Coin Works

The cryptocurrency will try to solve some of the issues that plague the market in different ways. One of them is integration. Fluzcoin will be integrated with many eCommerce platforms like Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Hybris, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and some other companies.

Payment will be also available for you to make in many physical stores will by using a QR scannable code. By using the code, a transaction is triggered. To use the token on your phone, you have to download the app.

One of the most original points of this cryptocurrency is that Fluzcoin uses an AI algorithm for price stabilization. This means that these tokens will have a price that will not change so much and this will enable them to be considerably less volatile.

Using this type of algorithm is also a strategy against speculators, because they will probably choose cryptocurrencies that can be more useful for arbitration instead of this one. This is the main strategy of the company to actually launch something that has real value.

Other important features of this company are that all the users are verified, so you will have any scammers or blacklisted people on the platform. To participate in the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or even to buy tokens later, you will have to pass a Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering procedures.

The company will also have zero percent fees and algorithms that protect the privacy of the transactions so people will not be able to link your purchase to you. While the blockchain is still transparent, the SNARK algorithm will allow the chain to store the transaction without exposing its details.

Scalability will certainly not be an issue because, by using the Hyperledger Fabric, the company will be able to make more than 1,000,000,000 daily transactions daily, supporting a huge market. This crypto was created to be big.

Who Is Behind Fluzcoin?

The Fluzcoin Executive Team is formed by Stefan Krautwald (commercial director), David Rosenblatt (corporate development director), Antonio Sapriko (IT director), Glebs Vrevsky (marketing director), Uldis Baumerts (product coordinator), David Leibowitz (Asia regional manager), Davis Krikauskis (delivery manager), Aigars Pavlovics (head of operations).

The technical advisors are Raghavendra Srinisvasan (AI expert and software engineer), Florian Burkart (trader), Ruchika Kumar (entrepreneur) and Mario Cohen (entrepreneur).

Fluzcoin Token ICO Details

A total of 3,223,000,000 Fluzcoins will be created for the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which will happen some months from now. There is a private sale going on right now. To participate in any phase of the sale, you have to be whitelisted first, so remember to organize yourself well.

  • The soft cap will be 10 million USD
  • the hard cap, 212 million USD.
  • The price of the tokens was still not divulged.

Fluzcoin Verdict

This company seems to be very promising. It might not change the industry as much as it promises and there are some similar companies out there, but Fluzcoin definitely has what it takes to be successful in the market and get attention from both clients and investors, so this looks like a good investment to our team.


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