FLYCARE Review: Healthcare On The Go Regardless Of The Place Or Time

The FlyCARE ICO is an excellent example of just how blockchain piece together a next-generation healthcare, finance and transaction system with the personal healthcare alongside it. Here is the inherent properties f the cryptographic platform set to provide a new level of integrity to the world of personalized healthcare.

What Is FlyCARE?

FlyCARE is personal wellness and medical platform on the blockchain that aims to provide accessible and portable healthcare anywhere and anytime in the world. Under their vision, the platform hopes to link up patients to practitioners and suppliers providing home-based well-being care.

FlyCARE Healthcare Platform Structure

FlyCARE aims to provide a unique ecosystem together with the ergonomic equipment pack in line with their concept of mobility. Here are the lead options for that:

  • Flybox- with the help of healthcare professionals, flyCARE [provides for a revolutionary module for equipment essential for a practitioner's home care visits
  • FlyCARE App- the application (FlyPro and HappyFly) syncs with a digital health ecosystem that acts as a contact portal for patients to recognized and validated medical practitioners on flyCARE
  • flyCARE token- the flyCARE token(FCC) is a means of payment for transactions between users seeking the home-based healthcare services.

How FlyCARE Medical, Wellness & Personal Care Works

Validated medical practitioners are provided with the flyBox module to improve their mobility of offering services while on the move. The turnkey solution will comprise of revolutionary hardware and medical equipment designed to provide an utterly mobile-like health unit.

Patients looking for healthcare services get to contact the practitioners through the flyCARE platform and payments in the FCC token. flyCARE also assures that the conditions of the service are fulfilled before settling the debts.

FlyCARE Benefits

  • Integrity- with FCC tokens, there is a tamper-proof registry of the transactions between users, providing for a new level of payment traceability
  • Automated validation- flyCARE automatically checks and validates the conditions of each service contract to ensure terms become reality
  • Use of smart agreements leaves no room for user fraud reducing chances of forgery
  • Transparency and accuracy provided by blockchain will leave no room for errors in transactions, settlements, and associations
  • Impeccable design and hygiene of the flyBOX facilitate a user-friendly module for the medical practitioners to use while on the move.
  • Continuing development through flyCARE's working in collaboration with medical hardware and small equipment providers

FlyCARE FCC Token & ICO Details


  • Starts of from May 14th, 2018 till July 14, 2018, with a 32.5 million supply
  • First contributors get weekly bonuses of 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% and 0%, in the respective weeks

Main Sale:

  • Starts on June 11, 2018, till and will carry a supply of 97.5 million tokens (75%)
  • A bonus of 10% and 5% features in the two weeks of the sale

Token Information:

  • Ticker- FCC
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price rate- 1 FCC=0.2 EUR
  • Supply amount- 200,000,000
  • Hard Cap- 26 million USD
  • Soft Cap- 1 Million USD


  • ICO Sale- 65%
  • Reserve fund- 25%
  • Team and advisers- 10%

FlyCARE Conclusion

flyCARE provides for one of the most frictionless levels of healthcare connectivity. With the strength of smart contracts and automatic authorization provides access to a diverse set of services through the digital infrastructure. While the current system is not open to fully support security and interoperability, flyCARE's systems meet all these challenges, and it could become the answer for healthcare mobility.

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