As the world keeps moving with the speed of internet revolution, individuals get to enjoy unlimited services wherever they and at whichever time of the day. However, one area that seems to lag behind is the proof of locations. With the mobile scams and other unethical behaviors on the move, there is a need for a reliable, sustainable solution for such an issue.

What Is FOAM?

It’s for this very reason that FOAM comes as the most appropriate solution for the moment. The platform being decentralized makes use of the permissionless protocol with a combination of an autonomous network of “radio beacons” to offer its users safe location services that cannot undergo any form of manipulation through the use of time synchronization.

How FOAM GPS Proof Of Location Radio Beacons Network Works

The platform makes use of unique features to fulfill its functions. One of those is the Crypto Spatial Coordinate Standard, which happens to be an open and ‘interoperable’ Ethereum smart contact’s standard of location. Therefore, there is no way someone can manipulate information once you enter the details. Also, the proof of location protocol gives precise information on the given situation to help in the determination as to whether a given event or agent can undergo verification at a given point and time. On the same line, the use of the Spatial Index Webapp works to help users to get an understanding, take part in engagements and take actions with spatial data through blockchain.

Furthermore, FOAM makes use of the zone anchors to assemble distributions of beacon networks through radio transceivers. All this is made possible through the connection network signals that also help to discover similar ones in the nearby locality. Afterward, the zone anchors keep a constant trend of message sending to enable the recording of consensus on a specific time frame.

With the help of the time differences between sending and receiving such signals, help in the calculation of the location and network geometry. The zone formation follows right after as the zone anchors assist in forming a zone with pledges on location services offers exclusively through the smart contract technology. Each zone maintains a given time and space quorum that doesn’t leave room for manipulation or mistakes. Zone contain unique timestamps for different customers, with automatic data publishing on the data store.

Should You Invest In FOAM?

According to the official website of FOAM, it’s useful in fulfilling secure location of the Internet of Things. Therefore, if you have extensive spread investments in the crypto sector, this could come in handy. There is also secure product tracking services within a decentralized ecosystem with complete analytical tools for use. Also, since the protocol encourages mobility in service delivery, it poses more pros than cons.

On the overall, we find the site quite informative with sufficient details for investors. The developers also seem entirely organized with an open protocol option for an interested partner. Therefore, we see no reason to hold you back from investing. However, that doesn’t mean you cease from being cautious as there is no 100% safe investment.

FOAM Conclusion

The FOAM proof of location protocol comes to help application developers with a decentralized solution for their activity tracking needs. The developers seem to have excellent features in place that would help in curbing the issues of insecurity and false time zones that are present in centralized cases. The idea seems brilliant to us, and although we cannot tell for sure of its success, we find it useful for use.

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