Nowadays, the internet plays such a huge role in our daily lives. Whether it is social media, entertainment, education or online shopping among others, today’s generation uses the internet for doing a wide range of tasks. With that in mind, it is very unfortunate that some areas in Russia do not have adequate internet for users. To rectify this situation, MediaDom is building an AirMax based internet network to supply high-speed and reliable internet to remote regions.

What Is Fobscoin?

In a country where over 30 million people face hassles in internet connectivity, it is obvious that there is a ready market that is eager to pay for a reliable solution. Thus, the main aim for the company behind Fobscoin is to offer everyone in Russia access to reliable, affordable internet regardless of their location. Under their ambitious plan, MediaDom intends to reach five million households and also bring great profits for every investor.

How Fobscoin Federal United Wireless NetworkvWorks

This ambitious and timely internet project is subdivided under several stages, ranging from Pre ICO and fundraising to the purchase of equipment, construction and finally, dividend payments. The company intends plans on issuing ten million worth of Fobscoin. The ultimate goal is to build a comprehensive investment budget that will support the whole project of creating a Federal United Wireless Internet Network.

For investors, Fobscoin offers an Ethereum derivative that has an estimated return of over 35% per month. In addition, Fobscoin is risk averse as it is safe from traditional currency fluctuations. The community at large also stands to greatly benefit from this project with the creation of a modern wireless network that will support high-speed internet connections.

Fobscoin FOBS Token ICO Details

To extend the internet coverage in Russia, investments in high-tech, modern networking equipment are necessary. This project has decided to use a crowdfunded approach with Fobscoin deployed as the main financial instrument. The ICO will start on May 1st. This Ethereum based token, FOBS, will ensure that the required network equipment is purchased and that the new internet network is developed immediately. The Fobscoin capitalization is expected to increase by the end of the project.

Who Is Behind Fobscoin?

Fobscoin is led by a team that is made up of IT experts and professionals in various fields including economists, communications software and lawyers among others. Through taking advantage of all these unique experiences, Fobscoin plans to provide the best internet service in the region. The team has also partnered with leading networking companies to help reach this ambitious target.

Should You Invest Yn Fobscoin?

The Fobscoin internet project seeks to make sure that every home in Russia, regardless of location, has access to the world wide web. This is great for the whole community as it means they will be able to access all the benefits of having internet access, including eCommerce, education and social media among many others. As an investor, you also get the benefits of high dividends owing to the imminent success of the projects.

Fobscoin Final Thoughts

The internet has a massive potential for good and it is unfortunate that a large part of the population in Russia is facing difficulties with internet access. Luckily, thanks to MediaDom, internet connectivity issues will be a thing of the past. By purchasing Fobscoin during the pre-ICO stage, investors will help in making the dream of high speed internet access a reality for many people. Furthermore, holders of the Fobscoin token will be able to take part in crypto exchanges as well as earn dividends each month.

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