What Is Foleum?

Foleum is an innovative mining project that will offer cryptocurrency enthusiasts the chance to generate power for their mining operations by using GREEN hybrid technologies. The community-based project will provide an open-source platform where users can join in and benefit from the mining operations.

The combination of blockchain and the GREEN technologies certifies FOLEUM's intention to create a decentralized blockchain future but under an ecologically sustainable community.

What Foleum Offers

Under their plan, FOLEUM provides for tokenization through their cryptocurrency. The FOLEUM mining crystals are the Ethereum-based security tokens which act as a representation of the profit-sharing of the mining proceeds from FOLEUM.

The currency is also part of FOLEUM's project to create GREEN power that will run mining data centres for the FOL token holders. Using the green energy will ensure that the mining operation is profitable than the traditionally-powered operations.

How Foleum Green Blockchain Cryptocurrency Mining Works

The FOL crystal holders get access to almost 60% of FOLEUM's mining profits, which are accessible through the daily pay-out in the form of cryptocurrencies. The project's pay-outs will come in the form of BTC, ZEC, ETH, and others. The remaining profits go into reinvestment in the FOLEUM project such as expansion for the datacentres or renewing existing hardware.

Foleum Benefits

  • Potential high growth- With their re-investment strategy, FOLEUM ensures 40% of the profits go into funding the venture, and this will enable a quick growth
  • Daily pay-outs- FOL crystal holders will get 60% of the gains in regular pay-outs in the form of other valuable cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH
  • Advanced technology- the state-of-the-art technology in use by FOLEUM will design an energy efficient GPU mining server that utilize less energy and immersion technologies.
  • Equipment sales- FOLEUM will also manufacture and sell GPU mining servers, which forms an extra source of income to the token holders. Exclusive discounts are also available for token holders looking to purchase mining equipment
  • Use of renewable energy- FOLEUM's selling point is its use of ecologically friendly methods for their cloud mining operations. Apart from energy and environmental conservation, the strategy could also be profitable since it generates power at a fraction of the initial power cost.

Foleum FOL Token ICO Details

  • Ongoing Pre-ICO: 14 May 2018 – 30 Jun 2018
  • ICO: 02 Jul 2018 – 31 Oct 2018

ICO Stages

  • Lot 1- 50M Crystals ($0.40 each)
  • Lot 2- 60m crystals ($0.50 each)
  • Early Adopter Stage 1- 28m Crystals ($0.20 each)
  • Early Adopter Stage 2- 38M Crystals ($0.25 each)
  • Early Adopter Stage 3- 48 million crystals ($0.30 each)

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- FOL
  • Available tokens: 80%
  • Price: 1 FOL= $0.15
  • Token supply- 300,000,000 Crystals
  • Hard Cap: 31m from the ICO and 50M from the IPO
  • Soft cap: 2.4m USD
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD
  • Platform: Ethereum

ICO Distribution

  • Pre-sale- 80%
  • Founding team- 10%
  • Marketing- 3%
  • Mining reserve fund- 1%
  • Initial Crystal Offering-
  • Project Reserve- 1%
  • Advisors-1%
  • Charity fund- 1%

Foleum Conclusion

An overall verdict on FOLEUM would give credit to the exciting idea, mining rigs profitability and use of tokens as shares. However, FOLEUM still has plenty of weak sides, and as a cloud mining project, this is arguably a cause of alarm for investors. Therefore, the position on the Foleum remains neutral and it best not to invest in the venture.

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