Nexus (NXS) an important and innovative blockchain technology and digital currency that aims to improve the world using a superior peer-to-peer network. Its main focus is behind scalability and transaction speeds.

In the future, Nexis will connect its blockchain technology with ground-based MESH networks and satellites so as to promote the development of a decentralized and distributed internet.

On June the 16th, Nexus announced a partnership with Foleum, a revolutionizing blockchain mining project that aims to generate the majority of its power using green and hybrid technologies. The main purpose behind this partnership is to reduce the environmental footprint of cryptocurrency mining activities.

Foleum will be quantifying Nexus’ energy usage in order to help reduce their environmental repercussions. But it is important to mention that all of this will be done at the same time that technology develops.

Nexus is the first Blockchain partnership for Foleum since it launched a year ago.

Nexus Founder and chief architect commented about the partnership:

“I’m really excited to see alternative energy sources power Nexus. It is aligned with the foundation of this project in finding viable means that create sustainable futures through alternative energy, economics and technology.”

Ajay Ahuja, chief executive of Nexus, has also given his opinion about the partnership saying that they are committed to change the world with blockchain technology. Moreover, they have a strong commitment with the environment and want to work in order to help creating sustainable mining activities.

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