Insiders Say They Think Ethereum is Smarter Investment than BTC

Insiders Say They Think Ethereum Is Smarter Investment Than BTC

New data pulled from the NYC-based law firm Foley and Lardner, also a specialized group of investors and insiders in cryptocurrency like BTC, Monero and Dash, fully believe Ethereum to be the smarter investment choice.

More than 38% of all people polled picked Ether as a better token, with the platform being labeled as more stable and trustworthy, while another 35% picked the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin as their choice investment token.

According to people investing in cryptocurrency, there’s a lot of room for debate on which of the tokens is the smarted investment choice.

However, as for one group of investors, the choice is simple: The new data, pulled from New York-based law firm Foley and Lardner, specialized inside investors in cryptocurrency, stated that out of all cryptocurrencies similar to Monero, Bitcoin and Dash, they put Ethereum as the top choice investment.

The law firm took a survey from a mix of business executives and investors in the cryptocurrency space on the trends relating to them most. Out of the questions on the survey, one they asked was about which cryptocurrency, the best investment is out of all of them.

It was a close percentage with Bitcoin, but Ethereum took the cake. The three-year-old blockchain technology that has been used mainly as a platform for decentralized applications was the winner.

It should be mentioned, the margin of people who believe Ethereum is a better investment was close. The slim margin was 38% voted for Ethereum, while a close 35% voted for Bitcoin as the better investment opportunity of the two.

What About You?

Which of the two cryptocurrencies, Ethereum or Bitcoin, do you think is a better investment opportunity? Place your answers in the comment section below.

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