As thousands of newbies continue to join crypto exchanges weekly, a majority of them are faced with much confusion. For one, they are unable to navigate the complex exchanges. However, once they understand how to navigate the exchanges, they still do not know how to trade in a profitable manner.

Most exchanges today focus on how many types of new and hidden fees they can introduce. In fact, most of these exchanges seem to be competing on who can ignore the most messages from customers, until the customer gives up. Besides that, companies housed in foreign jurisdictions own most of these exchanges. This makes using them almost impossible.

When it comes to trading crypto, any experienced trader knows that there is some luck involved. However, there is still a lot of skill and research needed. However, most first timers are usually forced to rely on luck alone.

What Is FolleX?

What the FolleX exchange aims to achieve is that new traders do not need to rely on just luck. Imagine if there was an exchange where one could watch and learn from experts. Can you imagine a platform where you could follow these experienced traders just like on social media? This revolutionary place would allow you to get alerts on what expert traders are doing and how their portfolio is performing.

The creators of this platform have the vision to create a place where they will pay trades with tokens, thus avoiding the excessive fiat fees. They want to create a place where top performing traders are rewarded for being excellent.

How FolleX Regulated Social Crypto Exchange Works

The solution for all the issues mentioned above is the Follex exchange. Its developers have been able to combine the power of social media with a digital currency exchange. The exchange will allow you to not just follow what other traders do but copy them as well. To do this, all you have to do is allocate funds and set limits.

The FolleX exchange will then automatically replicate what the traders you follow do. In short, you will have the ability to trade like one of the pros with just a few clicks. After a few weeks or months, you will have learned enough to be able to make expert trades and create your own following.

This exchange is unlike any other exchange out there. It is full of useful trading tools, which still manage to be fun, simple, and rewarding. It is an exchange defined to bring together the global community of cryptocurrency trader. Their vision is to be the Facebook of the crypto world.

FolleX SET ICO Details

For any trade that takes place on the Follex exchange, all the trading fees can be waived for just one SET token. The exchange has a minimum trading fee of $5. This means that the SET token will have a minimum value of $5 within the exchange. SET tokens will also be used to reward top traders in the FolleX exchange.

The token will be called the FOLLEX SET token. There will be a total supply of 50 million FOLLEX SET tokens. This ICO will go live in about 7 days.


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